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01 Memories on the Half Shell
02 Your Car
03 Recurring
04 St. Anne of The Sunset
06 Scratching at the Sky
07 Sweater Pocket
08 Before the first gods
09 Diamonds
10 Mermaid
11 Breaking Morning
12 The Neurotic River
13 Daguerreotype
14 Ridgeline
15 New Vintage
16 Alight
17 10,000 Days
18 Roadtrip

Memories on the Half Shell

It starts at a party
well, doesn’t it always
I was taking a drag on the balcony
you were talking in the hallways

You took the aux cord
and you threw down some beats
I thought to myself-
this is one soul I’ve just got to meet

But then I decided to hang back
like if it happens, it happens
I really wasn’t trying to play it cool
more like if it happens, it happens

I was baked when you met me
& I was baked when you left me
you were jumping train to train
& I was just a station in the rain

When you asked my name
I should have told you a lie
it would have been better off
for both you and I

Hiphuggers on the floor
put your number in my phone
I want you to call me
when you’re in your room alone

Letters by post and
mix tapes on old cassettes
lipstick on envelopes
I held close to my chest

You were drunk when you met me
& you were drunk when you left me
you were jumping train to train
& I was just a station in the rain

And two summers from now
I won’t choke up when I hear your name
I’ll be able to put on Side B of your first mix tape
and I’ll pluck up enough courage not to hold you to blame

Just don’t be mad if I confess
that from time to time-
I still wear your hoodie to bed

Your Car

You gave away the songs we sang in the summertime
back then when everything would rhyme
and tonight, those days seem so far
when I saw him driving your car

You said as long as there was one moon
it would always be me
and it would always be you
well I saw him driving your car this afternoon

You were so convincing when you’d sing into my eyes
I even sang along
but today I fell from your star
when he drove past me in your car

Oh, those nights we couldn’t go to your house
and we couldn’t go to mine
we drove around this tiny town
making love as the moon shined down

I walked by your house on the coldest night of wintertime
your light was on and condensation ran down your window
I shivered as I continued down to the bar
thinking about those nights in your car






The freckles on her face are golden like glitter
from where the sunlight lit her
her smile stretches from
Rishikesh to Marrakech
her slow drawl draws you into her milieu
she sets the malaise ablaze when she says-
“Je est un autre”

Nothing is as old as it seems
it’s as easy as holding your dreams

The freckles on her face beam like glitter
when the sunlight hits her
her smiles stretch from
Marrakech to Rishikesh
her lazy drawl draws you into her milieu
she sets the malaise ablaze when she says-
“Je est un autre”

Nothing is as new as it seems
it’s happened before in recurring dreams




3 AM and we’re dancing in the refrigerator light
I swear, Heaven’s below us
we’re singing different words, you must have them wrong
haha, no, it’s you who’s wrong!
I throw pennies at you like you’re the Trevi Fountain
I’m going to sew you into my sweater pocket
the song begins again on repeat and we rejoice all over again
I’m going to sew you into my sweater pocket
but it’s alright, I’ll make a little button so you can breathe just fine
my face hurts from laughing and your laugh makes me laugh
the later it gets, the louder it gets
I can’t catch my breath
we go into the chorus again
this is my favorite part
haha, no, it’s my favorite part!
so we have the most ridiculous fight over who loves this part more
oh, I won’t let you win
you’re so funny when you pout
I’m going to sew you into my sweater pocket
and make sure you’re right there whenever I leave the house

Sweater Pocket

Before the first gods

White Bishops in the snow
leaving tiny offerings to Ishtar
Icarus should have flown at night
then he would have been a star

Young Jesus leaves in a hurry
to catch the bands in Glastonbury
he cuts a sprig of thorn every spring
and sends it along to the Queen

Before the first gods
back when we were free
we were gold, my lover
before it was ever discovered

Muriel in the morning is tracing the trails
that lead up and around your neck
she lights up like a filament
brighter with every step of her trek

Before the first gods
back when we were free
we were gold, my lover
before it was ever discovered



The periwinkle moon peeks above the peaks over the ridgeline
one of these days, I’m going to buy a really nice camera
I always say that, but I know I never will
I wake up and do my best to deny that I dreamt of you again

Don’t be afraid to rise
the moon doesn’t have a net either

The Moon switches from shoulder to shoulder
as shadows wrestle silhouettes in the dark
we eat purple hearts and stay up driving to the radio
going all the way back to The Colonies

Clouds blindfold the moon
still she shines

New Vintage

And when you roll your eyes
I saw your stars falling
they told me to take you to California
not Los Angeles, my love
but up to Napa and Sonoma

Oh, and when we leave these Texas skies
they’ll know we’re leaving for good
we’ll skip town without a word
like we always said we would
leaving for our greater good

When the sky is gorgeous and seems out of reach
we’ll remember the fireworks above Virginia Beach

And when the times comes
we won’t need the stars to guide us west
it don’t slow us down
I know you’ve given some away
but you always gave me your best

If you wanna see the dawn
then you gotta make it through the night

We’ll rest our heads along The Bay
and for once, I’ll have nothing to say
day trip out to Monterey
we’ll be the new vintage when we get down there, baby
your hand in mine, we’ll show them how to sway



BEER                                                  BAIT
ICE                                                     TACKLE


RV PARK                                           BINGO
LOOSE SLOTS                                  NEW GAMES


BAYOU TECHE                                DRY CREEK

GULF                                                 BLUE BEACON
SHELL                                               ARCO

BAPTIST                                            METHODIST
PRESBYTERIAN                              PENTECOSTAL

HARDEE’S                                        SUBWAY
MCDONALD’S                                 BURGER KING

UNEVEN LANES                             LIGHTS ON WHEN RAINING

WEIGEL’S                                         MARATHON
BP                                                       MAPCO

ECONOLODGE                                COMFORT INN
DAYS INN                                         LA QUINTA

ARBY’S                                             WENDY’S
DUNKIN’                                          DENNY’S

LOVE’S                                              SUNOCO
FLYING J                                           EXXON

RUBY FALLS                                   LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN

BREAUX BRIDGE                           WHISKEY BAY

Twin Opposites Graphic

St. Anne of The Sunset

She always sang it better
she knew the breaths in-between
but it wouldn’t matter now
She’s become St. Anne of The Sunset
& I’m torn down like Ebbets Field

Sharing the last Shiner Blonde
we’re riding off into separate sunsets
but it wouldn’t matter now
She said she’ll send something via snail mail
& I’m torn down like Ebbets Field


There’s another version of that night
our faces pressed against the moonlight
and for one night, we didn’t have to lie
we could just lie down
or is it lay down?

Everybody always falls all over themselves for you
and you’re so stupid, you never see a thing
it just drives me crazy
I guess you’ll never see you from my point of view
I throw my hands up, waiting for the sky to turn blue

There’s another version of that night
one where everything went so right
and the rain hit the window just right
if I’m dreaming, just let me sleep alright

That night the black stars were shining
and you had diamonds in your eyes
I didn’t even have two pennies to my name
still, you loved me just the same
and poured moonlight all over me

There’s another version of that night
that lives on in my mind
and that’s the one I’ve come to understand
sunlight arrived and we were still holding hands

Taking shots in Heaven, drinking in the Skyy
it’s 2:35 in the morning and we’re wearing shades
we cut up the no-smoking sign and ashed on everything in sight
everything except for the candles, we like to be polite
you spoke of Poe and how you went to his house in Richmond
well, it’s most of his old house, anyway
you said he had the littlest bed
you said you thought it was the cat’s bed
that had me laughing off my head

Life has a way of sorta re-arranging your plans
until you’re just rolling with the punches
like when you swim out too deep
and you don’t know which way land is anymore

We always start off with our own bottles of Grey Goose
and end up sharing the last 375ml Taaka
pour in a drop of orange juice, now call it breakfast
we made b.s. plans to meet up in the Florida Keys
and do the Hemingway thing together
we jump the fence and skinny-dip in the pool
at 2:35 in the morning
until the lady from the lobby shines her flashlights
and runs us off into the night

Life always ruins all of your plans
until you’re kinda just making it as you go along
like when you dream too deep
and you don’t know if you want to wake up anymore


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