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Surrealia by Miguel Mitchell

ISBN: 979-8-9898345-0-1


Size: 6″ x 9″

Publication Date: August 20th, 2024

Surrealia by Miguel Mitchell


Surrealia is a poetic narrative about a sentient world that is a place of ease, deep philosophical inquiry, self-growth, friendship, and revolution. Its protagonist Max discovers much about himself, the greater aspects of existence, and the role that he can play in shaping a better future. This epic embraces the non-human and the unexpected.

These poems are thought-provoking, humorous, odd, experimental, incendiary, and inspiring. They play with forms that include acrostic, blank verse, cinquain, concrete, free verse, nonsense, palindrome, prose poem, villanelle, and new verse rhythms.
Each use of form fits its poetic application to enhance the imagery and storytelling.


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