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Rain Minnows [Notecards and Poems] by Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton

ISBN: 978-1-7340495-4-1

Pages: 42

Size: 5″ x 8″

Publication Date: December 8, 2020

Rain Minnows [Notecards and Poems] by Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton


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this post-strucuralist manuscript explores the interplay of meaning between words as he deconstructs the language. the poems within often began as notecards, forcing the poet to observe the taut space of meaning without devolving into narrative.

cover art created by artist Leticia R Bajuyo alludes to the rain as the minnows float in the air, a nod to the experimental and unconventional nature of the poems inside.

Praise for Rain Minnows [Notecards and Poems]

“The tactile sting of these poems startles us from our too-hurried, numb existence; for those who can never find a unique sentiment, the notecards are gifts their recipients will cherish in nightstand drawers for years to come.” – Kristi Petersen Schoonover, Editor, 34 Orchard Literary Journal

“Joshua Hamilton’s chapbook Rain Minnows floods the reader’s mind with surreal imagery both past and present, dreamy rhythms of the ocean’s arpeggio, and striking juxtapositions that rouse the senses to the “electric hollow of awakening.” This is poetry at its finest: at once teeming with emotion and masterfully crafted. Reminiscent of Lorca, these poems drip with duende and invite readers to dive into their depths time and time again.” – Katherine Hoerth, Editor, Lamar University Literary Press



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