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1st Quarter Preventable Gun Violence. 2021. Volume One.

1st Quarter Preventable Gun Violence. 2021. Volume One.

Gnashing Teeth Publishing is embarking on an ambitious and necessary project: “1st Quarter Preventable Gun Violence. 2021. Volume One.”  From Jan 1 – Mar 31, there were 126 mass gun violence events. The numbers are going up every day and it has become a dull roar drowned out by our non-stop news cycle.  We must demand better.  

Get Involved

Choose how you want to get involved. You can just Create. You can just Sponsor. You can do both!

Part One – Create

We are seeking 126 poets, writers, essayists, and artists to participate. Each person will select one of these events to write or create art about on one full letter size (8 1/2″ x 11″) page.  Please query using the contact button at the bottom of this page before writing or creating for your preferred event to ensure no one else has selected this event. The submissions will be compiled into a full color perfect bound volume.

Part Two – Sponsor

The second part of this project is equally as important. We intend to send this to each and every elected representative 435 Congressional representatives, 100 Senators, the Vice President, and the President of the United States. That is 537 books. We are asking people to sponsor their elected official by donating $10. This will cover the printing, postage, and shipping supplies. Any more left over at the end of this project will be donated 100% to organizations working to end gun violence. Find your Senator or Congressperson below.

Why Not Both?

You can choose to participate as a creator, a sponsor, or both. 

Please use the lists below to find out if your representative is available to be sponsored. Perhaps you are moved to sponsor more than one. Please tell us WHO you are sponsoring when you donate. Your name will be added to the list.

Select An Event

DateYearCityStateKilledInjuredTotalBrief DescriptionContributor
January 1 2021GalesburgIllinois044Four people were wounded in an early morning shooting while at home. Police believe the shooting was targeted.Lynne Shapiro
January 1 2021Sioux CityIowa145A woman was killed and four others injured after a shooting occurred at a house party. Multiple guns fired into the house and attendees fled and drove themselves to different hospitals.Jacob R. Moses
January 1 2021AmarilloTexas134A man was killed and three others injured in an early morning shooting at a shopping center.Alix Edwards
January 1 2021Fort SmithArkansas077Seven people were wounded in an early morning shooting at an event center hosting a New Year's party. There were at least two shooters.Hattie Hayes
January 3 2021MiamiFlorida044Four people were wounded outside a nightclub in the evening.
January 3 2021MiamiFlorida088Six adults and two teenagers were wounded at a basketball court in Little River Park in Northwest Miami-Dade when two people walked up and opened fire.Robert Allen
January 3 2021GreshamOregon044Four people were wounded at a private partyNicole Taylor
January 3 2021HoustonTexas145A fight broke out outside a Midtown Houston nightclub and a man opened fire. Three officers working a second job as security were wounded along with the shooter and a woman was killed.Douglas Cala
January 3 2021Santa BarbaraCalifornia224Two people were killed and two injured after another approached the group on foot and opened fire in the city's lower Eastside.
January 3 2021ShreveportLouisiana235Two groups of men opened fire at one another in the early morning. Two were killed and three wounded in the shootingSusan Kay Anderson
January 4 2021LauderhillFlorida077Seven people were injured in a shooting.Beverly Frydman
January 4 2021New OrleansLouisiana044Three men and a fifteen-year-old boy were involved in a shoot-out in the 7th ward and subsequently wounded by gunfire.
January 4 2021MiramarFlorida033 Individuals inside one car began shooting at individuals inside a white Ford Mustang near the area of the 3700 block of State Road 7. All three victims inside of the Mustang which crashed outside a nearby restaurant were shot and killed.Shubhi Verma
January 5 2021TampaFlorida055A shootout injured five people near a convenience store in the Palm River-Clair Mel area.
January 6 2021ManassasVirginia134A man opened fire on his family and killed one man and injured two women and a teenage boy before fleeing. He was discovered later by officers after dying in a car accident Josh Poole
January 6 2021LivingstonTexas134Three men attempted to break into a home and engaged in a gunfight with an occupant. The occupant was killed and two adults and a three-year-old girl were injured.Oriada Dajko
January 7 2021Washington DCWashington DC055Three men and two boys were wounded in an evening shooting in Columbia Heights.Keith David Parsons
January 9 2021HoustonTexas134A shooting at a nightclub left one person a teenager dead and three others injured.
January 9 2021Chicago and EvanstonIllinois628A shooting that started in Chicago ended in Evanston left five people dead and two injured before the shooter 32-year-old Jason Nightengale was shot and killed by policeJohnny Masiulewicz
January 11 2021MiamiFlorida044Four teenagers were shot outside an apartment complex in Brownsville in the third mass shooting in Metropolitan Miami in eight days. The lack of deaths in the incidents were described by the Miami Herald as miraculous.Erica Saffer
January 15 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania044Four teenagers were injured in a shooting in the Logan neighborhood of North Philadelphia.
January 16 2021KankakeeIllinois055Four men and a woman were injured in an early morning shooting after an attendee at a house party opened fire.
January 16 2021San FranciscoCalifornia055Five people were wounded after a shooting in the Tenderloin district. The investigation determined that members of at least two groups exchanged gunfire on the streetKatyea Petro
January 17 2021PhoenixArizona055Five men were injured during a shooting near a strip mall. Police think there may have been a shootout.Caleb Delos-Santos
January 17 2021PhoenixArizona167A shooting at a nightclub killed one and injured six.Brianna Malotke
January 18 2021TobyhannaPennsylvania044Four people were wounded in a string of connected shootings at three different locations.
January 20 2021CrowleyLouisiana044Four people were injured in a shooting just outside Crowley city limits.
January 21 2021OaklandCalifornia134One person died during a shoot-out in East Oakland while three others were injured. The man who died was hit by a stray bullet.Tsungwei Moo
January 22 2021CovingtonKentucky055Five people were injured in a shooting at a bar. A suspect was arrested.
January 24 2021Las VegasNevada055Five people were hospitalized in a shooting two in critical condition.
January 24 2021IndianapolisIndiana617Six people including a pregnant woman were killed and a teen was injured in a shooting at a house on the northeast side of Indianapolis. The teen suspect is currently in custody Laureanne Nordstrom
January 25 2021Washington DCWashington DC145A shooting at a market killed a Virginia Union University student and wounded four others in the Southeast section of the nation's capital Pamela Flynn
January 27 2021Santa AnaCalifornia044Four men were wounded in the early morning at an illegal gambling den.
January 28 2021FlintMichigan145A woman was killed and four others including a baby boy were injured in a drive-by shooting.Mare Hake
January 29 2021McKees RocksPennsylvania235Two people were killed and three others injured after a shooting outside a club.
January 30 2021AlbanyNew York145A mother was shot and killed during a late-night shooting on Saturday that wounded four others. She was pregnant with her third child at the time. Kate O'Brien Wooddell
February 1 2021RochesterNew York134A man was killed and a woman and two men injured in the early morning.Joan McNerney
February 2 2021MuskogeeOklahoma617Five children and one adult were shot and killed and one other adult suffered life-threatening injuries after a home shooting in Oklahoma. Jarron Deajon Pridgeon was charged with the murders of the victims .Ky George
February 2 2021SunriseFlorida336Two FBI agents were shot and killed and three others wounded attempting to serve a warrant. The suspect barricaded himself in his home and opened fire before shooting and killing himself.Anna K Jacobson
February 3 2021Colorado SpringsColorado314A shooter attacked four people at an apartment complex near Fort Carson killing three.
February 3 2021Oak CreekColorado235Police discovered a wounded man who told them he had been shot by another man. The shooter was discovered shortly afterward in a home where he killed one and injured two before being killed by a resident of the home.
February 3 2021MemphisTennessee134One person died in North Memphis and three others were injured in a shooting.
February 4 2021High PointNorth Carolina235During a hostage situation a man killed a woman and shot three officers. The man was later killed by police.
February 5 2021BolivarMississippi314A shooting at a club left three people dead and one injured.
February 5 2021MartinsvilleVirginia224Two were killed in a shooting at a restaurant while two others were injured. One of the shooters engaged in a gunfight with the police.
February 5 2021MohntonPennsylvania134Four men were shot at a hookah lounge one fatally.
February 6 2021ThibodauxLouisiana044Three teens and one adult were shot at a house party.
February 6 2021TacomaWashington134A shooting at an illegal club killed one and injured three James Roach
February 6 2021MurfreesboroTennessee145One man was killed in a shooting at a party while two others were hospitalized. Another two were grazed by bullets but refused treatment.
February 6 2021BloomingdaleIllinois156A shooting at a hotel killed one man and wounded five others.
February 8 2021MobileAlabama044Three adults and a juvenile were shot and injured in an evening shooting.
February 9 2021HoustonTexas044Four men were shot and injured in a drive-by shooting at Acres Homes.
February 9 2021BuffaloMinnesota1452021 Buffalo clinic attack: A nurse was killed and four other people were shot and seriously wounded inside of a health care clinic. Gregory Paul Ulrich was arrested and charged with one of count of second degree murder and four counts of first degree attempted murderVictoria Ruiz
February 10 2021AtlantaGeorgia044Four people were injured during a shootout between two vehicles. Two of the injured were minors.
February 11 2021ColumbusGeorgia145Five people were shot one fatally in an evening shooting near the Signature Event Center during the filiming of a music video.
February 13 2021San FranciscoCalifornia066A shooting in Bayview injured six people.Tsungwei Moo
February 13 2021IndianapolisIndiana044One adult and three juveniles were discovered wounded by gunfire in a vehicle stopped at an intersection.Mona Mehas
February 13 2021CaryNorth Carolina134One person died and three others were wounded in an early morning shooting.Janice Airhart
February 13 2021OaklandCalifornia066Six wounded men were found after a Shot Spotter alert in the Old Oakland Historic District. The victims are uncooperative with officers.Tsungwei Moo
February 16 2021St. PetersburgFlorida314A man suspected in a homicide shot several family members at a house where his grandmother and great-grandmother lived killing them and his uncle. A woman with gunshot wounds was able to escape to a neighbor's house for help. Linda Levitt
February 17 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania088A shooter injured eight people including a seventeen-year-old near the Olney Transportation Center.
February 18 2021Baton RougeLouisiana134A man was killed and three others injured inside a barbershop.
February 19 2021Grand JunctionColorado134Four people were shot one fatally at a party. Most of the people at the party were of college-age.Marianne Tefft
February 20 2021East NorritonPennsylvania134One man died and three people were injured after a shooting at a bowling alleyJennifer Schnieder
February 20 2021SpringfieldIllinois145One man died and four people were injured after an overnight shooting in Springfield.
February 20 2021MetairieLouisiana325A man shot and killed two people at a gun store. Several people then engaged the original shooter both inside and outside the store causing injuries to two more people. It is still unclear whether the original shooter was shot dead by engaging responders or committed suicide.Lara Dolphin
February 21 2021TeacheyNorth Carolina044Four people were wounded after a shooting at a mobile home park.
February 21 2021KennettMissouri145One man died and four people were injured after an overnight shooting at a club.
February 26 2021San DiegoCalifornia134Four were shot one fatally after a drive-by shooting outside a marketCorie Skolnick
February 26 2021HoustonTexas156Six men were injured at a local car wash with one man found by police and five others identified at a local hospital.
February 26 2021Baton RougeLouisiana044Four people were shot and injured on Paige Street.
February 27 2021ColumbusMississippi044Four people were injured after a shooting in South Columbus.
February 27 2021PattisonMississippi235A conflict between two men led to a shooting at a birthday party killing two and injuring three.Marianne Tefft
February 28 2021HoustonTexas044Four people were injured at a parking lot in Northwest Houston. Police say the incident was a case of road rage.
February 28 2021CincinnatiOhio426A man shot and killed his wife and two others wounding a fourth. He was later shot and injured by police in Detroit and was taken to a nearby hospital and died days later.Christine Madeleine Du Bois
February 28 2021East ChicagoIndiana044Four people were shot at a gas station. One of the wounded was a 7-year-old girl.Christine Madeleine Du Bois
February 28 2021McCormickSouth Carolina044Four people were shot at an apartment complex. The shooting occurred at one of the wounded's apartments.
February 28 2021ShreveportLouisiana055Five people were wounded in a drive-by shooting. Four were outside and one was in a store.
February 28 2021DoverDelaware044Four people were wounded in an IHOP parking lot during the early morning.Chrissy Stegman
March 3 2021EriePennsylvania134One person died and three were injured after a shooting at a tavern.
March 4 2021Washington DCWashington DC055Several people were injured in a shooting at a convenience store in the Southwest section of the district.
March 5 2021ComptonCalifornia145A shooting at a restaurant killed a man from Pennsylvania and injured four others. Police say the shooting was gang-related.
March 6 2021Yuba CityCalifornia235Two were killed and three injured after a drive-by shooting at a backyard gathering.
March 6 2021FayettevilleNorth Carolina145One man was killed and four people were injured in an early-morning shooting.
March 7 2021EdwardsMississippi044Three adults and a two-year-old child were injured at a child's birthday party in a local apartment building. The shooter was arrested the next day.
March 8 2021ClearwaterFlorida134One man died and three people were injured in a shooting. Police believe the shooting was targeted.
March 10 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania044Four people were shot in Kensington.
March 10 2021HoustonTexas314Three people were killed and one was injured in Southwest Houston. Two of the victims were 18-years-old.
March 11 2021ChamitaNew Mexico134Following an argument a man shot at a car of people killing one and wounding three.
March 11 2021ColumbiaSouth Carolina145One person was killed and four injured outside a motorcycle business.
March 11 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania224Four people were shot in Overbrook two fatally. One of the deceased was 16-years-old.Terry M. Dugan
March 12 2021GreensboroNorth Carolina044Four people including a minor were injured in a shooting.
March 13 2021New York CityNew York055Five people were shot at a hookah parlor in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
March 13 2021RichmondVirginia246At Azalea Ave near Richmond Raceway; multiple shot at least 2 dead when fight broke out in shopping strip parking lot. Vehicles and buildings also struck.
March 13 2021IndianapolisIndiana415Police found a woman who had been shot and learned there may be other victims at a different home. Police arrived at the home and found four dead including a child.Dakota Boyer
March 13 2021OrlandoFlorida134One person was killed and three injured at an early morning party.Olivia Solomon
March 14 2021TampaFlorida044Four people were shot outside a banquet hall.
March 14 2021ChicagoIllinois044Four people were injured during a robbery in South Side Chicago.
March 14 2021ChicagoIllinois21315Two people were killed and 13 injured at an early morning party in South Side Chicago.
March 15 2021IndianapolisIndiana145One person died and four were injured after an overnight shooting in the NorthsideAyun Halliday
March 16 2021PhoenixArizona415Man shoots family and one returns fire and kills suspect.
March 16 2021Atlanta and AckworthGeorgia819A series of mass shootings occurred at massage parlors in Atlanta and its suburb Acworth about 30 miles away. Eight people were killed in the incidents and one person was wounded six victims were women of Asian descent. A suspect Robert Aaron Long was arrested in Crisp County about 150 miles south of Atlanta. Authorities said Long told them he was planning to continue the spree in Florida.Matthew Hohner
March 17 2021StocktonCalifornia055Five people were wounded after a drive-by shooting at a vigil. Police say the victims are uncooperative.
March 18 2021GreshamOregon044Four people were hospitalized after a shooting at a motel.Eric Evans
March 18 2021New OrleansLouisiana044Four people were shot in the 7th Ward.
March 20 2021HoustonTexas055An argument in a nightclub led to the suspect pulling a weapon.
March 20 2021DallasTexas178One person died and seven others were wounded after a shooting as a result of an altercation at a nightclub.
March 20 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania156Five people were shot one fatally at a party in the Nicetown neighborhood.
March 22 2021DetroitMichigan134Four people were shot in a vehicle one fatally.
March 22 2021ClevelandOhio224Four people were shot at a restaurant two fatally.
March 22 2021BoulderColorado101112021 Boulder shooting: 10 people were killed including a Boulder police officer in a shooting at a grocery store. The suspect Ahmad Al Aliwi Al-Issa was shot in the leg and has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted murder Paul Juhasz
March 23 2021AtlantaGeorgia044Four people including a child were injured at the entrance of the Cumberland Mall although the mall was not evacuated. A similar shooting took place in December 2019.Gabriel Antunez and Arhan Baharani and Sebastian Russo
March 23 2021AlicevilleAlabama224Four people including two high school students were shot. One of the high school students later died.
March 26 2021PhiladelphiaPennsylvania077Seven people were shot outside a sports bar in Fishtown. Three of the victims are in critical condition and four are in stable condition.
March 26 2021Virginia BeachVirginia288Eight people were injured after a fight in Virginia Beach led to a shooting. Two other shootings one of which was officer-involved also occurred that night though it is unknown if they were related to the original shooting.
March 26 2021ChicagoIllinois178One person died and seven others were injured at a party in the Southwest Side of Chicago.
March 27 2021River GroveIllinois134Four people were shot one fatally on a party bus.
March 27 2021ChicagoIllinois044Four people were wounded after a shooting in the Austin neighborhood.
March 27 2021Yazoo CityMississippi066Several people were injured after a shooting at a nightclub.
March 27 2021MemphisTennessee325In an early morning shooting in Northern Memphis three people were killed and two people were injured. Of the injured a man is in critical condition and a woman is in stable conditionJuan Perez
March 28 2021EssexMaryland516A man killed his parents and two others before setting himself on fire. A fifth person was wounded by gunfire but survived. Gabby Gillam
March 28 2021ChicagoIllinois044Four people were struck by gunfire on a vehicle on Interstate 57.James Bohen
March 28 2021San AntonioTexas044Four people were injured two critically after a shooting at an apartment complex.
March 28 2021ClevelandOhio077Seven people were injured after a shootout at a motorcycle club.
March 30 2021HoustonTexas044Several people were wounded in the Acres Homes area in separate shootings. Houston Police believe the shootings may be connected.
March 31 2021OrangeCalifornia4262021 Orange California office shooting: Six people were shot in Orange California. Four people including a child were killed and two hospitalized.Manny Rey
March 31 2021Washington DCWashington DC235Five people were shot in the Congress Heights neighborhood of Washington D.C. Two of the victims were killed and three others were injured.Barbara Simmons

Find Your Senator

StateNameParty AffiliationSponsored By
AlabamaRichard ShelbyRepublican
AlabamaTommy TubervilleRepublican
AlaskaLisa MurkowskiRepublican
AlaskaDaniel S. SullivanRepublican
ArizonaMark KellyDemocratic
ArizonaKyrsten SinemaDemocratic
ArkansasJohn BoozmanRepublican
ArkansasTom CottonRepublican
CaliforniaDianne FeinsteinDemocratic
CaliforniaAlex PadillaDemocratic
ColoradoMichael BennetDemocratic
ColoradoJohn HickenlooperDemocratic
ConnecticutRichard BlumenthalDemocratic
ConnecticutChristopher S. MurphyDemocratic
DelawareTom CarperDemocratic
DelawareChris CoonsDemocratic
FloridaMarco RubioRepublicanJennifer Sager
FloridaRick ScottRepublicanJennifer Sager
GeorgiaJon OssoffDemocratic
GeorgiaRaphael WarnockDemocratic
HawaiiMazie K. HironoDemocratic
HawaiiBrian E. SchatzDemocratic
IdahoMike CrapoRepublican
IdahoJim RischRepublican
IllinoisTammy DuckworthDemocratic
IllinoisDick DurbinDemocratic
IndianaMike BraunRepublicanLaureann Nordstrom
IndianaTodd C. YoungRepublicanLaureann Nordstrom
IowaJoni ErnstRepublican
IowaChuck GrassleyRepublican
KansasRoger MarshallRepublican
KansasJerry MoranRepublican
KentuckyMitch McConnellRepublican
KentuckyRand PaulRepublican
LouisianaBill CassidyRepublican
LouisianaJohn Neely KennedyRepublican
MaineSusan CollinsRepublican
MaineAngus KingIndependent
MarylandBen CardinDemocratic Karen Arnold
MarylandChris Van HollenDemocraticKaren Arnold
MassachusettsEdward J. MarkeyDemocratic
MassachusettsElizabeth WarrenDemocraticSuellen Wedmore
MichiganGary PetersDemocratic
MichiganDebbie StabenowDemocratic
MinnesotaAmy KlobucharDemocraticVictoria Ruiz
MinnesotaTina SmithDemocraticVictoria Ruiz
MississippiCindy Hyde-SmithRepublican
MississippiRoger WickerRepublican
MissouriRoy BluntRepublican
MissouriJosh HawleyRepublican
MontanaSteve DainesRepublican
MontanaJon TesterDemocratic
NebraskaDeb FischerRepublican
NebraskaBen SasseRepublican
NevadaCatherine Cortez MastoDemocratic
NevadaJacky RosenDemocratic
New HampshireMaggie HassanDemocratic
New HampshireJeanne ShaheenDemocratic
New JerseyCory BookerDemocraticNancy Ohanian
New JerseyBob MenendezDemocraticNancy Ohanian
New MexicoMartin HeinrichDemocratic
New MexicoBen Ray Luj‡nDemocratic
New YorkKirsten GillibrandDemocratic
New YorkChuck SchumerDemocratic
North CarolinaRichard BurrRepublican
North CarolinaThom TillisRepublican
North DakotaKevin CramerRepublican
North DakotaJohn HoevenRepublican
OhioSherrod BrownDemocratic
OhioRob PortmanRepublican
OklahomaJim InhofeRepublican
OklahomaJames LankfordRepublicanPaul Juhasz
OregonJeff MerkleyDemocratic
OregonRon WydenDemocratic
PennsylvaniaBob Casey Jr.DemocraticLara Dolphin
PennsylvaniaPat ToomeyRepublicanLara Dolphin
Rhode IslandJack ReedDemocratic
Rhode IslandSheldon WhitehouseDemocratic
South CarolinaLindsey GrahamRepublican
South CarolinaTim ScottRepublican
South DakotaMike RoundsRepublican
South DakotaJohn ThuneRepublican
TennesseeMarsha BlackburnRepublican
TennesseeBill HagertyRepublican
TexasJohn CornynRepublicanKaren Cline-Tardiff
TexasTed CruzRepublicanMichelle Eccellente Stevenson
UtahMike LeeRepublican
UtahMitt RomneyRepublicanAlan Berecka
VermontPatrick LeahyDemocratic
VermontBernie SandersIndependent
VirginiaTim KaineDemocratic
VirginiaMark WarnerDemocratic
WashingtonMaria CantwellDemocratic
WashingtonPatty MurrayDemocraticJames Roach
West VirginiaShelley Moore CapitoRepublican
West VirginiaJoe Manchin IIIDemocratic
WisconsinTammy BaldwinDemocratic
WisconsinRonald Harold JohnsonRepublican
WyomingJohn BarrassoRepublican
WyomingCynthia LummisRepublican

Find Your Congressperson

State and DistrictNameParty AffiliationSponsored By
Alabama District 1Jerry CarlRepublican
Alabama District 2Barry MooreRepublican
Alabama District 3Mike RogersRepublican
Alabama District 4Robert AderholtRepublican
Alabama District 5Mo BrooksRepublican
Alabama District 6Gary PalmerRepublican
Alabama District 7Terri SewellDemocratic
Alaska At-large DistrictDon YoungRepublican
American Samoa At-large DistrictAumua Amata RadewagenRepublican
Arizona District 1Tom O'HalleranDemocratic
Arizona District 2Ann KirkpatrickDemocratic
Arizona District 3Raul GrijalvaDemocratic
Arizona District 4Paul GosarRepublican
Arizona District 5Andy BiggsRepublican
Arizona District 6David SchweikertRepublican
Arizona District 7Ruben GallegoDemocratic
Arizona District 8Debbie LeskoRepublican
Arizona District 9Greg StantonDemocratic
Arkansas District 1Rick CrawfordRepublican
Arkansas District 2French HillRepublican
Arkansas District 3Steve WomackRepublican
Arkansas District 4Bruce WestermanRepublican
California District 1Doug LaMalfaRepublican
California District 2Jared HuffmanDemocratic
California District 3John GaramendiDemocratic
California District 4Tom McClintockRepublican
California District 5Mike ThompsonDemocratic
California District 6Doris MatsuiDemocratic
California District 7Ami BeraDemocratic
California District 8Jay ObernolteRepublican
California District 9Jerry McNerneyDemocratic
California District 10Josh HarderDemocratic
California District 11Mark DeSaulnierDemocratic
California District 12Nancy PelosiDemocratic
California District 13Barbara LeeDemocratic
California District 14Jackie SpeierDemocratic
California District 15Eric SwalwellDemocratic
California District 16Jim CostaDemocratic
California District 17Ro KhannaDemocratic
California District 18Anna EshooDemocratic
California District 19Zoe LofgrenDemocraticBarbara Simmons
California District 20Jimmy PanettaDemocratic
California District 21David G. ValadaoRepublican
California District 22Devin NunesRepublican
California District 23Kevin McCarthyRepublican
California District 24Salud CarbajalDemocratic
California District 25Mike GarciaRepublican
California District 26Julia BrownleyDemocratic
California District 27Judy ChuDemocratic
California District 28Adam SchiffDemocratic
California District 29Tony C‡rdenasDemocratic
California District 30Brad ShermanDemocratic
California District 31Pete AguilarDemocratic
California District 32Grace NapolitanoDemocratic
California District 33Ted LieuDemocratic
California District 34Jimmy GomezDemocratic
California District 35Norma TorresDemocratic
California District 36Raul RuizDemocratic
California District 37Karen BassDemocratic
California District 38Linda S‡nchezDemocratic
California District 39Young KimRepublican
California District 40Lucille Roybal-AllardDemocratic
California District 41Mark TakanoDemocratic
California District 42Ken CalvertRepublican
California District 43Maxine WatersDemocratic
California District 44Nanette Barrag‡nDemocratic
California District 45Katie PorterDemocratic
California District 46Lou CorreaDemocratic
California District 47Alan LowenthalDemocratic
California District 48Michelle SteelRepublican
California District 49Mike LevinDemocratic
California District 50Darrell IssaRepublican
California District 51Juan VargasDemocratic
California District 52Scott PetersDemocratic
California District 53Sara JacobsDemocratic
Colorado District 1Diana DeGetteDemocratic
Colorado District 2Joe NeguseDemocratic
Colorado District 3Lauren BoebertRepublican
Colorado District 4Ken BuckRepublican
Colorado District 5Doug LambornRepublican
Colorado District 6Jason CrowDemocratic
Colorado District 7Ed PerlmutterDemocratic
Connecticut District 1John LarsonDemocratic
Connecticut District 2Joe CourtneyDemocratic
Connecticut District 3Rosa L. DeLauroDemocratic
Connecticut District 4Jim HimesDemocratic
Connecticut District 5Jahana HayesDemocratic
Delaware At-large DistrictLisa Blunt RochesterDemocratic
Florida District 1Matt GaetzRepublican
Florida District 2Neal DunnRepublican
Florida District 3Kat CammackRepublican
Florida District 4John RutherfordRepublican
Florida District 5Alfred LawsonDemocratic
Florida District 6Michael WaltzRepublican
Florida District 7Stephanie MurphyDemocratic
Florida District 8Bill PoseyRepublican
Florida District 9Darren SotoDemocratic
Florida District 10Val DemingsDemocratic
Florida District 11Daniel WebsterRepublican
Florida District 12Gus M. BilirakisRepublican
Florida District 13Charlie CristDemocratic
Florida District 14Kathy CastorDemocratic
Florida District 15Scott FranklinRepublican
Florida District 16Vern BuchananRepublican
Florida District 17Greg SteubeRepublican
Florida District 18Brian MastRepublican
Florida District 19Byron DonaldsRepublican
Florida District 21Lois FrankelDemocratic
Florida District 22Theodore E. DeutchDemocratic
Florida District 23Debbie Wasserman SchultzDemocratic
Florida District 24Frederica S. WilsonDemocratic
Florida District 25Mario Diaz-BalartRepublican
Florida District 26Carlos GimenezRepublican
Florida District 27Maria Elvira SalazarRepublican
Georgia District 1Earl CarterRepublican
Georgia District 2Sanford Bishop Jr.Democratic
Georgia District 3Drew FergusonRepublican
Georgia District 4Hank JohnsonDemocratic
Georgia District 5Nikema WilliamsDemocratic
Georgia District 6Lucy McBathDemocratic
Georgia District 7Carolyn BourdeauxDemocratic
Georgia District 8Austin ScottRepublican
Georgia District 9Andrew ClydeRepublican
Georgia District 10Jody HiceRepublican
Georgia District 11Barry LoudermilkRepublican
Georgia District 12Rick AllenRepublican
Georgia District 13David ScottDemocratic
Georgia District 14Marjorie Taylor GreeneRepublican
Guam At-large DistrictMichael F.Q. San NicolasDemocratic
Hawaii District 1Ed CaseDemocratic
Hawaii District 2Kaiali'i KaheleDemocratic
Idaho District 1Russ FulcherRepublican
Idaho District 2Michael K. SimpsonRepublican
Illinois District 1Bobby RushDemocratic
Illinois District 2Robin KellyDemocratic
Illinois District 3Marie NewmanDemocratic
Illinois District 4Jesus GarciaDemocratic
Illinois District 5Mike QuigleyDemocratic
Illinois District 6Sean CastenDemocratic
Illinois District 7Danny K. DavisDemocratic
Illinois District 8Raja KrishnamoorthiDemocratic
Illinois District 9Jan SchakowskyDemocratic
Illinois District 10Brad SchneiderDemocratic
Illinois District 11Bill FosterDemocratic
Illinois District 12Mike BostRepublican
Illinois District 13Rodney DavisRepublican
Illinois District 14Lauren UnderwoodDemocratic
Illinois District 15Mary MillerRepublican
Illinois District 16Adam KinzingerRepublican
Illinois District 17Cheri BustosDemocratic
Illinois District 18Darin LaHoodRepublican
Indiana District 1Frank MrvanDemocratic
Indiana District 2Jackie WalorskiRepublican
Indiana District 3Jim BanksRepublican
Indiana District 4Jim BairdRepublican
Indiana District 5Victoria SpartzRepublican
Indiana District 6Greg PenceRepublican
Indiana District 7AndrŽ CarsonDemocraticLaureann Nordstrom
Indiana District 8Larry BucshonRepublican
Indiana District 9Trey HollingsworthRepublican
Iowa District 1Ashley HinsonRepublican
Iowa District 2Mariannette Miller-MeeksRepublican
Iowa District 3Cindy AxneDemocratic
Iowa District 4Randy FeenstraRepublican
Kansas District 1Tracey MannRepublican
Kansas District 2Jacob LaTurnerRepublican
Kansas District 3Sharice DavidsDemocratic
Kansas District 4Ron EstesRepublican
Kentucky District 1James Comer Jr.Republican
Kentucky District 2Brett GuthrieRepublican
Kentucky District 3John A. YarmuthDemocratic
Kentucky District 4Thomas MassieRepublican
Kentucky District 5Hal RogersRepublican
Kentucky District 6Andy BarrRepublican
Louisiana District 1Steve ScaliseRepublican
Louisiana District 3Clay HigginsRepublican
Louisiana District 4Mike JohnsonRepublican
Louisiana District 5Julia LetlowRepublican
Louisiana District 6Garret GravesRepublican
Maine District 1Chellie PingreeDemocratic
Maine District 2Jared GoldenDemocratic
Maryland District 1Andrew HarrisRepublican
Maryland District 2Dutch RuppersbergerDemocratic
Maryland District 3John SarbanesDemocratic
Maryland District 4Anthony G. BrownDemocratic
Maryland District 5Steny HoyerDemocratic
Maryland District 6David TroneDemocratic
Maryland District 7Kweisi MfumeDemocraticMatt Hohner
Maryland District 8Jamie RaskinDemocratic
Massachusetts District 1Richard NealDemocratic
Massachusetts District 2Jim McGovernDemocratic
Massachusetts District 3Lori TrahanDemocratic
Massachusetts District 4Jake AuchinclossDemocratic
Massachusetts District 5Katherine ClarkDemocratic
Massachusetts District 6Seth MoultonDemocraticSuellen Wedmore
Massachusetts District 7Ayanna PressleyDemocratic
Massachusetts District 8Stephen LynchDemocratic
Massachusetts District 9Bill KeatingDemocratic
Michigan District 1Jack BergmanRepublican
Michigan District 2Bill HuizengaRepublican
Michigan District 3Peter MeijerRepublican
Michigan District 4John MoolenaarRepublican
Michigan District 5Dan KildeeDemocratic
Michigan District 6Fred UptonRepublican
Michigan District 7Tim WalbergRepublican
Michigan District 8Elissa SlotkinDemocratic
Michigan District 9Andy LevinDemocratic
Michigan District 10Lisa McClainRepublican
Michigan District 11Haley StevensDemocratic
Michigan District 12Debbie DingellDemocratic
Michigan District 13Rashida TlaibDemocratic
Michigan District 14Brenda LawrenceDemocratic
Minnesota District 1Jim HagedornRepublican
Minnesota District 2Angie CraigDemocratic
Minnesota District 3Dean PhillipsDemocratic
Minnesota District 4Betty McCollumDemocratic
Minnesota District 5Ilhan OmarDemocratic
Minnesota District 6Tom EmmerRepublican
Minnesota District 7Michelle FischbachRepublican
Minnesota District 8Pete StauberRepublican
Mississippi District 1Trent KellyRepublican
Mississippi District 2Bennie ThompsonDemocratic
Mississippi District 3Michael GuestRepublican
Mississippi District 4Steven PalazzoRepublican
Missouri District 1Cori BushDemocratic
Missouri District 2Ann WagnerRepublican
Missouri District 3Blaine LuetkemeyerRepublican
Missouri District 4Vicky HartzlerRepublican
Missouri District 5Emanuel CleaverDemocratic
Missouri District 6Sam GravesRepublican
Missouri District 7Billy LongRepublican
Missouri District 8Jason SmithRepublican
Montana At-large DistrictMatt RosendaleRepublican
Nebraska District 1Jeffrey FortenberryRepublican
Nebraska District 2Don BaconRepublican
Nebraska District 3Adrian SmithRepublican
Nevada District 1Dina TitusDemocratic
Nevada District 2Mark AmodeiRepublican
Nevada District 3Susie LeeDemocratic
Nevada District 4Steven HorsfordDemocratic
New Hampshire District 1Chris PappasDemocratic
New Hampshire District 2Annie KusterDemocratic
New Jersey District 1Donald NorcrossDemocratic
New Jersey District 2Jeff Van DrewRepublican
New Jersey District 3Andrew KimDemocratic
New Jersey District 4Chris SmithRepublican
New Jersey District 5Josh GottheimerDemocratic
New Jersey District 6Frank PalloneDemocratic
New Jersey District 7Tom MalinowskiDemocratic
New Jersey District 8Albio SiresDemocratic
New Jersey District 9Bill PascrellDemocratic
New Jersey District 10Donald Payne Jr.Democratic
New Jersey District 11Mikie SherrillDemocratic
New Jersey District 12Bonnie Watson ColemanDemocratic
New Mexico District 2Yvette HerrellRepublican
New Mexico District 3Teresa Leger FernandezDemocratic
New York District 1Lee ZeldinRepublican
New York District 2Andrew GarbarinoRepublican
New York District 3Tom SuozziDemocratic
New York District 4Kathleen RiceDemocratic
New York District 5Gregory W. MeeksDemocratic
New York District 6Grace MengDemocratic
New York District 7Nydia VelazquezDemocratic
New York District 8Hakeem JeffriesDemocratic
New York District 9Yvette D. ClarkeDemocratic
New York District 10Jerrold NadlerDemocratic
New York District 11Nicole MalliotakisRepublican
New York District 12Carolyn B. MaloneyDemocratic
New York District 13Adriano EspaillatDemocratic
New York District 14Alexandria Ocasio-CortezDemocratic
New York District 15Ritchie TorresDemocratic
New York District 16Jamaal BowmanDemocratic
New York District 17Mondaire JonesDemocratic
New York District 18Sean MaloneyDemocratic
New York District 19Antonio DelgadoDemocratic
New York District 20Paul TonkoDemocratic
New York District 21Elise StefanikRepublican
New York District 22Claudia TenneyRepublican
New York District 23Tom ReedRepublican
New York District 24John KatkoRepublican
New York District 25Joseph MorelleDemocratic
New York District 26Brian HigginsDemocratic
New York District 27Christopher JacobsRepublican
Non-Voting Delegate District of ColumbiaEleanor Holmes NortonDemocraticCarrie Carter
North Carolina District 1G.K. ButterfieldDemocratic
North Carolina District 2Deborah RossDemocratic
North Carolina District 3Gregory MurphyRepublican
North Carolina District 4David PriceDemocratic
North Carolina District 5Virginia FoxxRepublican
North Carolina District 6Kathy ManningDemocratic
North Carolina District 7David RouzerRepublican
North Carolina District 8Richard HudsonRepublican
North Carolina District 9Dan BishopRepublican
North Carolina District 10Patrick T. McHenryRepublican
North Carolina District 11Madison CawthornRepublican
North Carolina District 12Alma AdamsDemocratic
North Carolina District 13Ted BuddRepublican
North Dakota At-large DistrictKelly ArmstrongRepublican
Northern Mariana Islands At-large DistrictGregorio Kilili Camacho SablanIndependent
Ohio District 1Steve ChabotRepublican
Ohio District 2Brad WenstrupRepublican
Ohio District 3Joyce BeattyDemocratic
Ohio District 4Jim JordanRepublican
Ohio District 5Bob LattaRepublican
Ohio District 6Bill JohnsonRepublican
Ohio District 7Bob GibbsRepublican
Ohio District 8Warren DavidsonRepublican
Ohio District 9Marcy KapturDemocratic
Ohio District 10Michael TurnerRepublican
Ohio District 12Troy BaldersonRepublican
Ohio District 13Tim RyanDemocratic
Ohio District 14David JoyceRepublican
Ohio District 15Steve StiversRepublican
Ohio District 16Anthony GonzalezRepublican
Oklahoma District 1Kevin HernRepublican
Oklahoma District 2Markwayne MullinRepublican
Oklahoma District 3Frank LucasRepublican
Oklahoma District 4Tom ColeRepublican
Oklahoma District 5Stephanie BiceRepublican
Oregon District 1Suzanne BonamiciDemocratic
Oregon District 2Cliff BentzRepublican
Oregon District 3Earl BlumenauerDemocratic
Oregon District 4Peter DeFazioDemocraticSusan Kay Anderson
Oregon District 5Kurt SchraderDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 1Brian FitzpatrickRepublican
Pennsylvania District 2Brendan BoyleDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 3Dwight EvansDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 4Madeleine DeanDemocraticJennifer Schnieder
Pennsylvania District 5Mary Gay ScanlonDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 6Chrissy HoulahanDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 7Susan WildDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 8Matt CartwrightDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 9Dan MeuserRepublican
Pennsylvania District 10Scott PerryRepublican
Pennsylvania District 11Lloyd SmuckerRepublican
Pennsylvania District 12Fred KellerRepublican
Pennsylvania District 13John JoyceRepublican
Pennsylvania District 14Guy ReschenthalerRepublican
Pennsylvania District 15Glenn ThompsonRepublican
Pennsylvania District 16Mike KellyRepublican
Pennsylvania District 17Conor LambDemocratic
Pennsylvania District 18Michael DoyleDemocratic
Resident CommissionerJenniffer Gonz‡lez-Col—nNew Progressive
Rhode Island District 1David N. CicillineDemocratic
Rhode Island District 2Jim LangevinDemocratic
South Carolina District 1Nancy MaceRepublican
South Carolina District 2Joe WilsonRepublican
South Carolina District 3Jeff DuncanRepublican
South Carolina District 4William TimmonsRepublican
South Carolina District 5Ralph NormanRepublican
South Carolina District 6James ClyburnDemocratic
South Carolina District 7Tom RiceRepublican
South Dakota At-large DistrictDusty JohnsonRepublican
Tennessee District 1Diana HarshbargerRepublican
Tennessee District 2Tim BurchettRepublican
Tennessee District 3Charles J. FleischmannRepublican
Tennessee District 4Scott DesJarlaisRepublican
Tennessee District 5Jim CooperDemocratic
Tennessee District 6John RoseRepublican
Tennessee District 7Mark GreenRepublican
Tennessee District 8David KustoffRepublican
Tennessee District 9Steve CohenDemocratic
Texas District 1Louis B. Gohmert Jr.Republican
Texas District 2Daniel CrenshawRepublican
Texas District 3Van TaylorRepublican
Texas District 4Pat FallonRepublican
Texas District 5Lance GoodenRepublican
Texas District 7Lizzie Pannill FletcherDemocratic
Texas District 8Kevin BradyRepublican
Texas District 9Al GreenDemocratic
Texas District 10Michael McCaulRepublican
Texas District 11August PflugerRepublican
Texas District 12Kay GrangerRepublican
Texas District 13Ronny L. JacksonRepublican
Texas District 14Randy WeberRepublican
Texas District 15Vicente Gonzalez Jr.Democratic
Texas District 16Veronica EscobarDemocratic
Texas District 17Pete SessionsRepublican
Texas District 18Sheila Jackson LeeDemocratic
Texas District 19Jodey ArringtonRepublican
Texas District 20Joaquin CastroDemocratic
Texas District 21Chip RoyRepublican
Texas District 22Troy NehlsRepublican
Texas District 23Tony GonzalesRepublican
Texas District 24Beth Van DuyneRepublican
Texas District 25Roger WilliamsRepublican
Texas District 26Michael C. BurgessRepublican
Texas District 27Michael CloudRepublicanKaren Cline-Tardiff
Texas District 28Henry CuellarDemocratic
Texas District 29Sylvia GarciaDemocratic
Texas District 30Eddie Bernice JohnsonDemocratic
Texas District 31John CarterRepublican
Texas District 32Colin AllredDemocratic
Texas District 33Marc VeaseyDemocratic
Texas District 34Filemon VelaDemocratic
Texas District 35Lloyd DoggettDemocratic
Texas District 36Brian BabinRepublican
Utah District 1Blake MooreRepublican
Utah District 2Chris StewartRepublican
Utah District 3John CurtisRepublican
Utah District 4Burgess OwensRepublican
Vermont At-large DistrictPeter WelchDemocratic
Virgin Islands At-large DistrictStacey PlaskettDemocratic
Virginia District 1Robert J. WittmanRepublican
Virginia District 2Elaine LuriaDemocratic
Virginia District 3Robert C. ScottDemocratic
Virginia District 4Aston Donald McEachinDemocratic
Virginia District 5Bob GoodRepublican
Virginia District 6Benjamin Lee ClineRepublicanJosh Poole
Virginia District 7Abigail SpanbergerDemocratic
Virginia District 8Donald Sternoff Beyer Jr.Democratic
Virginia District 9H. Morgan GriffithRepublican
Virginia District 10Jennifer WextonDemocratic
Virginia District 11Gerald Edward ConnollyDemocratic
Washington District 1Suzan DelBeneDemocratic
Washington District 2Rick LarsenDemocratic
Washington District 3Jaime Herrera BeutlerRepublican
Washington District 4Dan NewhouseRepublican
Washington District 5Cathy McMorris RodgersRepublican
Washington District 6Derek KilmerDemocratic
Washington District 7Pramila JayapalDemocratic
Washington District 8Kim SchrierDemocratic
Washington District 9D. Adam SmithDemocratic
Washington District 10Marilyn StricklandDemocratic
West Virginia District 1David McKinleyRepublican
West Virginia District 2Alexander MooneyRepublican
West Virginia District 3Carol MillerRepublican
Wisconsin District 1Bryan SteilRepublican
Wisconsin District 2Mark PocanDemocratic
Wisconsin District 3Ronald James KindDemocratic
Wisconsin District 4Gwen MooreDemocratic
Wisconsin District 5Scott FitzgeraldRepublican
Wisconsin District 6Glenn GrothmanRepublican
Wisconsin District 7Tom TiffanyRepublican
Wisconsin District 8Mike GallagherRepublican
Wyoming At-large DistrictLiz CheneyRepublican

Any US poet, writer, artist, or essayist.

Please let us know which of the above events you are writing about. You will have one page to write or create about this specific event. The page size is standard letter size – 8.5″ x 11″ with 1″ margins.

Please contact us at  to express your intent to submit about a particular event. 

Send us words and art to  Artwork requiring a larger file size can be coordinated by contacting us at Any submissions sent through our contact form will be deleted without comment. Submissions are open until all spots are filled. As contributors request an event, the spreadsheet will be updated.

We are unable to provide contributor copies. This is a crowd-funded project. All extra money raised will be donated 100% to The Brady Campaign: United Against Gun Violence. Please read more about them at

Statement of Inclusion

We are committed to including underrepresented voices. We encourage artists to submit regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ability, or national origin. Due to the nature of this project, however, we do request artists be residents (not necessarily citizens) of the United States.

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