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Their Foot Shall Slide in Due Time

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In this new thriller collection Zary Fekete writes stories of religious tension, haunted art, body horror, rampant artificial intelligence, climate disaster, mental obsessions, and unrequited love…each story providing reflections on themes encountered every day across the globe and in your home.

A Bible salesman uncovers a dark secret hidden in a small town since the Puritan Era.

A famous painting is possessed by a vengeful spirit.

A young girl takes a pill to change her body type but ends up changing more than she expects.

A robot nanny, programmed to find joy in the protection of her young wards, overruns her protocol with terrifying results.

A young lady stalks the object of her affection by writing letters in another person’s name.

A student sets off to find vengeance for her the death of her classmates in the aftermath of a witch trial.

A child in a future world ravaged by planetary warming, learns the terrifying fate of her parents.

From small towns to futuristic cities, the characters in these stories confront unexpected, twisted situations, testing their minds and bodies. Each piece opens a window on a strange new world.

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Meet the Author

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Zary Fekete grew up in Hungary. He has a debut novella (Words on the Page) out with DarkWinter Lit Press in addition to two short story collections later in 2024. He enjoys books, podcasts, and many many many films. Twitter and Instagram: @ZaryFekete

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