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malepoet. is the newest work by PW Covington. In this intimate work, Covington explores places, people, and even himself, as he ventures across the American landscape. Written in the Beat tradition, this book will be shared and read by the next generation, and the one after. Come inside the mind of PW as he celebrates the death of the straight, white, male, poet.

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As a fellow restless soul and troubadour traveler, I love the moments here when Covington almost gives the road a good name, lets us sit with it for a minute, and then, delicately destroys its reputation again. It’s that strange life of the hopeless wanderer he describes as “still looking for a home to leave.” It’s truck stops, “Condom machines and gasoline.” It’s honest, thoughtful, sometimes tender, often tough, this is a testament to a life “Mixed with gin and dreams / Little poetry magazines.

Nathan Brown, Former Poet Laureate of Oklahoma, Winner of the Oklahoma Book Award

Some read to escape truths. Others do so to embrace them. The mad call of the wild in these poems written by PW Covington serves surrealistically to fulfill both desires and more.

Tom Maxedon, Radio host and producer of "Word" a Phoenix-based literary arts podcast

"Only the truly great poets ever die"-so the "Death of the White Male Poet" is a birth - of wonder, truth and surprise. Born off road via Burroughs, Bukowski, Kerouac and Chuck Taylor. At truck stops, diners, "Hotel bars and Black Town Cars", drinking bourbon, red sugar water, smoking, stoned, cigaretted, and lust never quenched, close to the flesh of strangers, sailors, the suck and the score. Airports, Borders, bodies and Bodhis await your witnessing Enlightenments. God and Night and Sex are one. Welcome to the New Bible of Pilgrim PW Covington.

Thom Woodruff, State of Texas Beat Poet Laureate

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