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In a world that often seems irreparably divided by differences, acceptance serves as a bridge that connects us, reminding us of our shared humanity. Acceptance, or the struggle to accept, can influence our relationships, our outlook on life, and our well-being. Whether it’s accepting our own limitations, accepting challenging situations beyond our control, or holding space for any of the hundreds of facets of human existence that invite judgment, isolation, or torment, these works share the struggles with and the victories in being accepted, in accepting, in making room.

this special release zine is limited to 50 copies. each cover is hand numbered. cover designed by and zine assembled by our Associate Editor. only available through our website. when they are gone, they are gone.

lcheck our contributing authors and artists below

  • Adam Ortiz
  • Alex Grehy
  • Alexis Collazo
  • Allison Fardkin
  • Aly Acevedo
  • Ang E Miller
  • Barbara Cassidy
  • Barbara Hunt
  • Bart Edelman
  • Cameron Tricker
  • Carol Park
  • D W Baker
  • Daniel Addercouth
  • Danielle Riccardi
  • Daphne Harries
  • Ed Ahern
  • Edward Suprnowicz
  • Elizabeth Gade
  • Faith Canright
  • Frank Desiderio
  • Gill Shaw
  • Hamish Bell
  • Harry Wyld
  • Haylie Stopher
  • J Inkwell
  • J Thiel
  • Jennifer Schneider
  • Joan Mazza
  • Jonathon Ukah
  • Kaci O’Meara
  • Karen Townsend
  • Keev O Baoill
  • Kestrel Jacobs
  • Kevin Novalina
  • Kirstin Eventyr
  • Kristine Esser Slentz
  • LindaAnn LoSchiavo
  • Mandy Prell
  • Matt McGee
  • Matthew Cavagnetto
  • Maureen O’Leary
  • Melissa Boston
  • Michele Noble
  • Michelle Eccelente Stevenson
  • Mike Santora
  • Mikela Bjork
  • Mona Mehas
  • Particia Hemminger
  • Prasanna S
  • Ray Nelanin
  • Salvator Difalco
  • Saydee Rollet
  • Shanley Rhodes
  • Shannon Wallace
  • Sharon Hilberer
  • Stacy Bierlein
  • Susan Shea
  • Terri Watrous Berry
  • Valerie Paul
  • Zach Murphy
  • Zary Fekete

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