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Get Me Out of Here…and other plays by Pete Lutz

Pete Lutz's artistic output is always a delight to read, and an even greater thrill to perform. Pete's a force of nature – a multi-dimensional talent not only as a writer, but as a director and performer as well – and a man who never rests on his more-than-impressive laurels but who is constantly moving forward with that rare quality of being able to inspire his international stable of actors.

I always look forward to reading (or performing) a new work by Pete because I know I'll be entertained. His works frequently leave me touched in the heart and prompted in the intellect to – think. His output demonstrates a huge range of styles, interests, eclecticism which is always original – and above all, extremely well-crafted.

The works contained in this volume will amuse you, surprise you, tickle your own creativity, but above all, they'll leave you thinking in the best possible way. And I can think of no greater compliment for a talented writer.

Les Marsden, Laurence Olivier Award Nominee as Best Actor (West End, London), Veteran of well over 2,000 stage performances in the US, Canada and England- Developer

As administrator of the Marion Thauer Brown Audio Drama Scriptwriting competition, I first became aware of Pete as a writer when he entered and won first place in the 2015 competition. After winning awards in the 2016 and 2017 competitions, I realized it'd probably just be easier to write him a check for serving on the MTB's judging panel. Beyond his prodigious writing abilities, Pete's work producing, promoting, and being a collaborative bridge builder firmly place him as one of the – if not the most – important figures responsible for the resurgence of modern audio drama in the United States.

Will Anderson, Professor, School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts, Central Michigan University- Developer

Get Me Out Of Here…and Other Plays by Pete Lutz contains a baker’s dozen of audio dramas. From comedy to western, horror to suspense, Lutz brings delightful tales to the page. Scarttered between each play is a commercial for everything the discerning audio drama enthusiast needs.

This collection includes Narada Radio fan favorites along with a few never produced gems.

available now!

Everyone should take notes from Pete Lutz. He's a one-man writing team who produces, directs and even acts in a seemingly endless parade of genres, and both comedic and dramatic tales. And for me personally, an engine of creativity and inspiration. Sit back, open the covers, and enjoy!

Jack Ward, Sonic Cinema Productions and the Mutual Audio Network- Developer

Hilarious! Thought-provoking! Fun! Pete Lutz's scripts never fail to entertain me. I've followed his work for years and am always delighted by the characterizations, the atmosphere, and the cleverness he brings to them. He has an old-soul voice that expresses itself with dignity, nostalgic sentiment, and an understanding of humanity's quirks sure to touch any audience.

Angel Leigh McCoy, Author of the Kitty Kats Around mystery series- Developer

Genius and gentleman. Spaceman and sailor. Fiend and familiar. Wizard and clown. The writing range of Pete Lutz's scripts, like the range of his soul, like the range of his voices, are deep, beautiful, and endless tales and re-tales. How can you not enjoy this great voice actor and script master. An extraordinary storyteller and a true poet in my book.

Juan Perez, Author, Casual Haiku and Sex, Lies and Chupacabras, Poet Laureate of Corpus Christi, Texas, 2019-2020- Developer

I admire Pete Lutz's writing for its structural integrity, its playfulness with language, and its sheer abundance. He exemplifies a generation of clever dramatists who are reviving the storytelling dynamics of classic radio – an idea whose time has come again.

Noah Diamond, Author, Gimme a Thrill: The Story of I'll Say She Is, the Lost Marx Brothers Musical, and How It Was Found, Co-host, The Marx Brothers Council Podcast- Developer

Growing up, he was always my talented older brother and…nothing has changed.  Pete’s ability to capture the essence of a story-line with rich character dialogue and a dramatic flair is unbelievably rare.  This is a must-read for anyone who appreciates audio drama.

Reverend Chip Lutz, MA, MS, MDiv, CSP, CHP, Author of The Lavatory Leader and Get Past The Crap (and Pete’s less talented little brother)- Developer

Meet the Playwright

Pete Lutz was never quite sure what he wanted to do with his life, and he’s made it to age 60 with that decision still unmade. In the meantime he’s been married thrice (3rd time’s a charm, though), served 20 years in the U.S. Navy, traveled around the globe a few times (thanks to aforementioned USN), raised three kids, and worked in various jobs: paper boy, field hand, photographer, clerk/typist, fire fighter, welder, instructor, recruiter, leader of persons in uniform, radio personality, and customer service representative. All of these pursuits brought in a reasonable amount of money, but on the whole very little personal satisfaction. For that, Pete turned to audio dramas. Since 2013 he’s written more than a hundred scripts and produced nearly a hundred audio dramas; in addition to which he’s lent his considerable voice talents to several hundred audio dramas produced by others. He likes to say that since he came late to the podcasting table, he has a lot of catching up to do, and he who dies with the most completed episodes wins.

Pete lives in Corpus Christi, Texas, with his darling wife, their adorable son, and a handful of cats. When not creating outrageous audio adventures, he works as a civil servant at a local Naval Air Station.

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