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Blue Dog Road Trip

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Ann Weil’s Blue Dog Road Trip brings the reader along on a journey no mother expects to take, as she tells her story—one poem at a time—of raising a child with mental illness.

Through free verse, sonnets and haiku, Weil sends a message to moms: you are not alone.

Her circumstances are far from unique, and Weil believes in the healing power of open conversation about taboo subjects. She hopes that by sharing her experiences and baring her emotions, dreams and disappointments, other parents might find support as they endure their own struggles. This book begins at the onset of her son’s illness, and follows its jagged trajectory as Weil seeks help, questions her worth as a mother, and fights a daily battle against fear. Like parents everywhere, Weil loves her child with every ounce of her being and has no manual on how to deal with his severe depression, anxiety, eating disorder and suicidality. She is open and honest about her mistakes and doubts, and the toll taken on her own mental health. Ultimately, though, this book is one of hope, and readers will laugh through their tears. Hers is a difficult trek, but Weil infuses humor and grace along the way with poems like “Places Boys Will Pee”, and “What to Do When Your Therapist Compliments You on Reaching Acceptance but Says Peace is the True Destination”. From heartbreak to redemption, it’s a wild ride.

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Meet the Author

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Ann Weil is the author of Lifecycle of a Beautiful Woman (Yellow Arrow Publishing, 2023). Her work has received multiple nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net, and most recently appears in Pedestal Magazine, DMQ Review, Maudlin House, 3Elements Review, Okay Donkey, SWWIM Every Day, and The Shore. Weil is a former special education teacher (K-12) and university professor who lives with her husband and soul-dog in Ann Arbor, MI, and Key West, FL.

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