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Anybody Home

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Rebbecca Brown’s Anybody Home is a lyrical powerhouse filled with wildly captivating characters trying to discover what it means to find home.  In “Doomies”, The Stranger and Little Meek Mouth teeter on the edge, finding tenuous connections through an encroaching dread they call The One Rule.  “Seedy” takes the idea of a seedy bar quite literally—within its loamy, bug-bound walls are seeds sloshed with nectar, ready to burst.  In “The Little Green” and “Squirm”, the slithering, emergent creatures of the garden are attended to with care and unflinching callousness, while the narrator of “Foot Falls” enjoys a newfound bliss as their foot transforms into the liquescent.   In “Squelch”, we embark on a cross-country ride with an unnamed narrator and The Man as the two ponder the unpredictable along with a chorus comprised of the Citizens’ Band.    Peach and CJ in “At The Root” create unfathomable promises as Peach sculpts a father out of dirt, and in “Shell Back Home” Otis heals from a surgery after fusing a radio with his heart decades after an unruly naval trip across the equator.  Dynamically rendered and accompanied by phantastic illustrations by CJ Lundbad that are sure to unsettle and delight, Anybody Home will leave you wondering how so many dazzling hearts can tikker and thump against the wondrous chambers a body houses.

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Gorgeous. Anybody Home is magically offbeat, funny and atmospheric and true. Reading these stories is like entering a garden you dreamed about in childhood. I loved it so, so much.

Rebbecca Brown's Anybody Home is at once a menagerie of eclectic characters, a gritty idyll, and a fabulist universe. The flash stories of this collection create their own logic from sound and image, asking how do we bear the brutality of life? Like Otis, the protagonist of "Shell Back Home," who enlists in the Navy to "see places vibrantly thrumming with more than an empty beige spread out amongst a desert droning with rigs," Brown invites the reader into a world of vivacious color and sensuous texture as a way of living and a means of joy. With language so architectural, these stories beg to be read aloud, to be enjoyed sensuously—felt in the vibration of the voice in the body.

Electric, innovative prose lights the way in this brilliant showcase of language pushed to its limits. Part writing and part music, Rebbecca Brown's singular voice celebrates all the small lives that weave our world together.

Meet the Author

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Rebbecca Brown is author of the novel They Become Her (What Books Press) and the lyrical prose collection Mouth Trap (Arc Pair Press).  She is the recipient of an Honorable Mention from the Academy of American Poets, Honorable Mention in the Starcherone Innovative Fiction Contest, the Rachel Sherwood Prize for Poetry, and First Place in the LACC Writing Contest for Creative Nonfiction.  Her work has appeared in The Decadent Review, The Hunger JournalAmerican Literary ReviewConfrontationEclipseMasque and Spectacle and Miracle Monocle (among others). She currently lives in California and teaches in the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara.

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