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When I Look My Demon in the Mirror by Amanda Hawk

Sharp likeness cuts nyctophobic nerves.  The glass

membrane consumes me whimpers from my cinched-guilt lips.

She knows the murderer in my eyes, smells the corpses on my breath,

and admires the blood-stained curiosity of my palms.

I promise her baby teeth and picket fences to forget me,

but she whispers killer into my humming veins.

I try to shake her from the mirror, but she lurks

in hooded gazes and gasped breaths.

I collect chalk outlines and blood splatter on skin,

and plead freedom with waterlogged eyes.

She pins me in the reflection,

leaving me trapped in her cold-blooded smile.


Sarah White Joins Gnashing Teeth Publishing

We here at Gnashing Teeth Publishing are so excited to announce our newest team member – Sarah White. She joins us as a Social Media Intern. She’ll be working hard

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Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2023

Gnashing Teeth Publishing is proud to submit the following poems for consideration of the Pushcart Prize. Each of these nominees had work published by us in 2023, whether online or

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The Reflection by Nadia Nunez

What an obscurity energy there’s no serenity A smile is what you’ll never see All you’ll hear is “In memory” Not a single ring on the telephone All you see


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