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when hiding feels like// by Kelsey May

when hiding feels like //
letting go // the greatest weapon // disarm the heart //
win at moving on // capsule each secret // each memory
// that digs perfumed nails // under my skin // tight //
like a burden I can’t admit I carry
// when the door is beat around the bush // when the door
is refusing to unclothe my bush // when hands are
relegated // when gates are erected // when keys lock
away // I find healing //
the secrets // curl at the edges
// and grin // mouthwide and terrible //
for getting mine // after forgetting mine


Kelsey May is a writer, educator, activist, and performer from Grand Rapids, MI. Her work has appeared in NonBinary Review, Turnpike Magazine, and Broken Plate, and she interviews poets and other miscellaneous people at Hyype. Twitter & Instagram: @kelsey_may_day

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