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When gut punched,

respond. Strengthen the core,

stop chewing the fat.

It’s tough to grow more sinew, Dems,

tough to be fast and furious,

to be both measured and mean.

But We the People beg

to the dance, tout suite, two-step

into this onerous moment.

Masks on! Spines straight!

Let the beat of carnage ring

in your ears every working day.

Godspeed! Let SCOTUS grow quickly,

enforce vaccines’ spread, eliminate

evictions. Abate this terrible hunger.

BIO: Jacalyn Carley is an expat who’s been living in Berlin since the late 70s. She arrived the same week as David Bowie, but couldn’t sing so they never met. She’s been dancing, writing, drawing, and living the life ever since.

Redacted Relationship – Keith Hoerner

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