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The Unwelcome by Glen Mitchell

There is an unwelcome stranger living here
A thief
You’ve been living here a long time
You’ve stolen from me
My heart
My youth
My spirit
Stolen from me
The same things
You’ve stolen from yourself

You are not comfortable here
There is no comfort anywhere
You’re lost
And you have taken me along
On the journey
A destination of isolation
Unhappiness and desperation
Decorated with lies

How can you draw water
From an empty well
How is it
That I am drowning
In emptiness

Will you
Rescue me God
Will you
Rescue my guest
Will you
Welcome me
Will you Welcome
The unwelcome
Glen Mitchell is a contemporary gay artist based in Miami. His creative works include poetry, photography, drawing, and painting. Mitchell’s works reflect the artist’s personal vision of self-discovery, desires, loves, and life experiences.

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