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The New Truth About Zombies by Juan Perez

The following poem may seem like a stretch, but in fact it is a window, an extension of the human condition, as we deal with what appears to be our ultimate demise. Who doesn’t feel like a zombie or would prefer to be one to avoid “real life” in America right now.

The New Truth About Zombies

when you remove all the stereotypes
zombies redefine myth of existence
no single sentence will capture the gist
of what it means to be undead today
with confidence, we can say a few things
the afterlife is squarely in their hands
most prevailing opinions are dead wrong

the message is deathly reassuring
being dead is good, alive you’re just food
the zombie you see in broken mirrors
is far better than when you were alive
you don’t need more pills to live forever
to walk about healthy, to heal when sick
mental decline plagues only the living

BIO: Juan Perez is a writer of books. Find out more about him at or look up his book on Amazon.

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