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The City Hall of Very Fine People by Daniel Romo

The foundation of any town is only as strong as the citizens’ opinions it protects, and catering to status quo is the difference between reelection and reflection. The most successful government officials incorporate politics and public opinion while not being swayed by any ounce of conscience. After all, ruling over the land is a matter of maintaining a straight face regardless of the hilarity ensuing around you. Statues are toppled as the most steadfast residents arm themselves with AR’s, AK’s, and KKK’s protecting busts representing a legacy of hateful history. The mayor proclaims, You THUGS must stop this lawlessness! in a tone that would make his pasty predecessors blush with pride. “Are second-class citizens the illegitimate children of forefathers?” “Why hide behind the birthright of dead guys?” More questions to be answered later at a press conference regarding the state of the city, the city of the state, the most convenient of adjournments.

Daniel Romo is the author of Bum Knees and Grieving Sunsets (FlowerSong Press 2023), Moonlighting as an Avalanche (Tebot Bach 2021), Apologies in Reverse (FutureCycle Press 2019), and other books. He received an MFA from Queens University of Charlotte, and he lives, teaches, and rides his bikes in Long Beach, CA. More at

You’re in Fucking Portland by Aimee Hope

Zombie-people posed like mannequins in waxy flexibility; holding cardboard signs on corners of once-spirited, bustling streets that vibrated with life and movement. The ghosts of people who once frequented the

The Unwelcome by Glen Mitchell

There is an unwelcome stranger living here A thief You’ve been living here a long time You’ve stolen from me My heart My youth My spirit Stolen from me The

Nothing More by Dara Kalima

after “Ms. Found in a Bottle” a short story by Edgar Allan Poe Of my country and of my family I have little to say. They have little to say

America, The Beautiful? by Douglas G. Cala

Rampant inflation chokes the life out of purse strings and auras Conglomerated mass media infiltrates our psyches with images of celebrity, fashion and click-bait news Healthcare reform is stymied by


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