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spring has sprung forward

cows in a field in spring

spring has sprung. a new season is upon us. all around we see the signs of life struggling to begin anew. sitting at my desk I see butterflies darting into fresh blooms, bees looking for those green sprouts to snuggle into, early leaves of easter lilies. the grass is more green than brown, almost overnight. big changes are coming for gnashing teeth publishing, too! we are growing and so excited about the authors who have books out now, and who have books coming out in the future. you can check out our homepage and scroll down to see what is coming in the future.

another big change is a move. gnashing teeth publishing is moving to Arkansas. how will this affect you? well, come the end of may/beginning of June, it might take us a little longer to reply to you. orders might be delayed slightly. and we might not be around as often. but gnashing teeth publishing is working on having an actual physical office where you can come visit and see what is happening. it might be boring, but we have coffee and books. what more do you need?

please continue to submit to our open calls and support our authors. they are putting out some amazing work and we are humbled and honored to share their words with you.

we are asking everyone to please take part in our 1st Quarter Preventable Gun Violence project. artists, poets, authors, essayists – everyone is encouraged to submit their work. just choose an event from the list and respond to the event in your preferred medium. this is an ambitious project and we are ready to get it completed and into the hands of our elected representatives.

so while spring has sprung us into a new time paradigm and nature is getting busy and waking up, we are making moves of our own. be a part of our journey. connect with us on our Facebook, twitter, instagram, You Tube, LinkedIn, and find all our links in one handy spot on our linktree

woman in glasses with reddish brown hair and a purple scarf around her neck

Gospel of Rosie by Ana Boyd

My best friend Rosie loves to bake. She puts her hair up in a bun and rolls up her sleeves, and whatever she makes, she makes at least two dozen.

face of a young woman with dark hair and red lipstick behind a large green palm frond

Class of 2013 by Xiomarra Milann

Freud tells me I want to fuck my mother and I don’t think this is what my parents meant when they told me to get a university education, I tell


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