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Skull Traffic by Jeff Burt

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Skull Traffic
You, street-walking talking innuendo
Street-sweeping sleeping bagged non-influential existence
tangible anguished languishing despair
constructing wooden vowels hammering consonantal nails
straitjacket stuff, clinical, Prozacian,,
lithium whacked out depression
bleeding mercy muttering muddled puddle of thought
thwarted cellular interrupted incessantly synaptic
ejected rejected arguments split in halves
pleasure repentance rapture estranged
parted parent plate in skull traffic
clouds veils mists cellophane wrapped rationalism
O my brother my sister we are one


Jeff Burt lives in Santa Cruz County, California, with his wife. He works in mental health. He has published in The Nervous Breakdown, Rabid Oak, Eclectica, Heart, Williwaw Journal, and won the Cold Mountain Review narrative poetry prize in 2017.
Website: Home | Jeff Burt

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