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Pushcart Prize Nominees Announced

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We are honored to announce our nominees for the 2022 Pushcart Prize. Please join us in congratulating them. BEST OF LUCK!!!!
“12. Carrizo” by Crisosto Apache from his book Ghostword
“Delilah” by Raymond Luczak from his book Lunafly
Song for America XLIII Chickens Among Wolves” by Fernando Esteban Flores
“Like a Lullaby” by Anniken Blomberg from the zine Stepping on Legos
“On the road – the unnamed diner off Route 89 (Arizona towards Idaho)” by Keriann Gilson from her book places I never want to see again

BOOK REVIEW: The Oculus by Stelios Mormoris

Stelios Mormoris’s poetry in The Oculus celebrates the intersections between life, emotions and nature. He writes, “How necessary it is / to lose yourself / in tangles” and takes that


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