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Pressure Drop by Jared Radke

Pressure Drop

skipping tracks
counting down
to my dopamine reward
drinking a bottled water over 12 hours
vampiring through useless daylight
she yelled like smashed lightbulbs
and kicked me fluorescent
and I saw stars sideways
out on fire escapes
the city laid out like a level
teleporting around
like a saturnalian satellite
on a skateboard
to a Dominican store for an orange
and a bottled water
on smoldering cement one-footed
almost shaking this dream sequence
but i’m pulled skyward back to her
as she curses ashes out on the front steps
i’m ecclesiastical leftovers
easter forgives my christmases
but is there enough leftover
for a summer sidewalk
like today



black and white photo of woman in black clothes with her back to the camera, wearing a white knit cap standing in the snow in front of trees

Feijoa Dreams by Ana Martinez

Things that didn’t stop the car bomb from going off near my grandmother’s house: A gentle childhood nestled with tucked-in nightly prayers and teddy bear kisses, framed by high ceiling

close up of woman wearing glasses with red listick and straight blond hair with a grey shirt

When Did I Know? by Maple Scoresby

As long as I can remember, every star that shot across the sky, every birthday candle I blew out, came with the silent wish that I would wake the next

crow in flight

The Crows Remember by Alex Grehy

My grandfather once shot a crow for the simple crime of stealing peas – he hung the body from the canes as a warning to the others. Already dressed in


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