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The sun sets to the right hand side by Trenton Lee Tiemeyer

I’m driving towards Texas,
crossing the Oklahoma panhandle.
Jesus, take the wheel.
I have a Saint Christopher on the visor,
a hula gal on the dash,
a Split Lip sticker on the bumper.
It should take seven hours
to reach my destination.
I check my watch,
reset the trip odometer,
for mileage purposes.
I see a sign for Hooker,
ignore at my own peril.
She has her boots off,
legs crossed,
feet dangling out the window.
There is a tattoo on her instep
that reads “SIN.”
She didn’t ask where we were going,
she knew I couldn’t answer.
I can tell she’s growing impatient,
as she lights another American Spirit.
Nothing’s coming over the scanner,
so I switch it off.
I turn up the radio.
It fades between ranchera
and Paul Harvey,

and the static grows louder by the day.

Trenton Lee Tiemeyer is a poet and artist living in Kansas City, Missouri. He’s madly in love.

young woman with red hair smiling at the camera with a white paper umbrella behind her

like pretty tulips by linda m. crate

everything has been hard and heavy, as of late; in my world and the world at large— so yesterday i was drinking in small wonders like pretty tulips dancing out

What I Can Offer You by Rich Orloff

I cannot fix your pain I cannot solve your problem I can’t prevent the sorrow you’re feeling Or even guarantee I’ll make you smile However, because I’ve known Joy embracing

by Natalye Childress

*this poem is in .jpg to preserve formatting *this is the unformatted text of the poem after rainer maria rilke you, the poet, have become world weary, word-wrought. and god

guy with a dark beard and moustache wearing a black graphic tee

Orchards of Udders by Jon Wesick

dripped on the blanket while air rustled tamarind trees. Chekhov drank a Thai iced tea and plummeted out of this poem. A flock of circles twittered in the hacksaw bushes

snowflake ornaments on a white background with one shaped like a spider web, one like a leaf, and one with the work fuck as each spike of the snowflake

June Said by Mona Mehas

for June Jordan (1936-2002) June said, ‘Life is action.’ When I look up into the sky, I see the stars only because the sky is dark. I catch the scent


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