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Long Enough to Google by Michael Seward

abstract art with red yellow white blue and black

someone slid the jungle book my way because I look like mowgli
I belong in a place where vines eat people
and people don’t cook each other for fun
I require abundance mindsets to sip on when I can’t conjure my own
I need hair long enough to google
long enough to be able to pull out
long enough to eat if the intermittent fasting doesn’t have a killswitch
long enough to tempt Sampson
long enough to tempt Ocean
how do you define romance to someone who’s seen your intestines
gutterballed all over the grout and tile
nothing brought me here except art and momentum
engining through an ellipse of precipice and precocious prism
entered as lightness
got kicked out as gravity’s rainbow
we all float in color
we all paint down here
everything is scissor
everything is resin dipped pen
everything is letters on paper waiting to spell out your unedited gospel
just pick them up
with your little hands
and make big things

Currently 30 years old and living in Ridgewood Queens, Michael Seward is a non-binary, Iraqi-Kurdish American multidisciplinary artist who utilizes a variety of media to translate their cultural, social and personal experiences.

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