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Pomegranate Rose by Laura Peña

I want to feed this delicacy
To my concubine
A tiny spoonful at a time
I want to watch the luscious sorbet
Linger on the tip of her tongue
Melt down in the fleshy hollow
Before she rolls her tongue 
Back into her mouth
And then I want to hear
Her sing her favorite flavors
Texas bourbon pecan pie
Tommy’s salted caramel
Dark chocolate heaven
Crushed red-velvet paradise
Angel and devil sitting on 
Her shoulders whispering all night
Red delicious apple churned into cream
And given as a gift 
I’ll be Paris
To her Aphrodite

BIO: Laura Peña is from Houston, Tx. and is a bilingual kindergarten teacher. She has been a featured poet at the Valley International Poetry Festival, a featured reader at First Friday, Public Poetry, and has performed for Invisible Lines. She has been published in Texas Poetry Calendar, Boundless, and Diversity. She holds a BA in English Literature and an MA in Education.

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