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among the hustle and noise of every day life, sometimes it is difficult to imagine taking a moment for yourself. as writers, though, we often need these moments to recharge ourselves and connect with our inner selves.

where is your quiet place? take a moment today to find some inner peace. maybe it’s sitting in your car in the driveway an extra minute before you head into your home. it could be finding a space in your day to head to a local park. wherever you find yourself, find your self.

then write something. we’d love to hear from you.

woman in glasses with reddish brown hair and a purple scarf around her neck

Gospel of Rosie by Ana Boyd

My best friend Rosie loves to bake. She puts her hair up in a bun and rolls up her sleeves, and whatever she makes, she makes at least two dozen.

face of a young woman with dark hair and red lipstick behind a large green palm frond

Class of 2013 by Xiomarra Milann

Freud tells me I want to fuck my mother and I don’t think this is what my parents meant when they told me to get a university education, I tell


we love hearing from you. tell us everything

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