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paddling in shallow water

our latest anthology is taking shape. we have responded to all submissions. so now we are eyeballs deep in editing.

this is a much smaller anthology than our first. only 34 poets were selected for “Love Notes You’ll Never Read” and we are again humbled by the quality of the writing we received. with a smaller project came the realization we had to let many pieces go back into the world for publication elsewhere. thank you so much to everyone who took the time and considered us to share your work.

on a different note: rewind two weeks. our website migration was delayed. technical difficulties afflict us all, even in this golden age of user-friendly apps and programs. if we blip off and on, don’t worry. just unplug us and plug us back in.

young woman with red hair smiling at the camera with a white paper umbrella behind her

like pretty tulips by linda m. crate

everything has been hard and heavy, as of late; in my world and the world at large— so yesterday i was drinking in small wonders like pretty tulips dancing out

What I Can Offer You by Rich Orloff

I cannot fix your pain I cannot solve your problem I can’t prevent the sorrow you’re feeling Or even guarantee I’ll make you smile However, because I’ve known Joy embracing

by Natalye Childress

*this poem is in .jpg to preserve formatting *this is the unformatted text of the poem after rainer maria rilke you, the poet, have become world weary, word-wrought. and god

guy with a dark beard and moustache wearing a black graphic tee

Orchards of Udders by Jon Wesick

dripped on the blanket while air rustled tamarind trees. Chekhov drank a Thai iced tea and plummeted out of this poem. A flock of circles twittered in the hacksaw bushes


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