Ukraine bombed building
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He wrote of the war
The way that
A poet’s daughter
Writes of suicide

‘The shells are still falling
As I’m cooking breakfast.’
He posted
‘These are the last of the eggs.’

‘I haven’t seen my cat in 6 days.’

Then nothing
3 weeks now

And I’m against
Every bomb dropped
Every rifle fired
Every soldier conscripted
And hammered into the
Mechanized machismo of expansion

More so
Any God
That allows artillery
To rain upon nursery schools
And apartment buildings
In Mariupol

Bio – PW Covington lives just north of Historic Route 66 in New Mexico. He is the author of five full length collections of poetry, a novel, and in 2019, his collection ‘North Beach and Other Stories’ was named an International Book Award Finalist in LGBTQ fiction. Before moving to New Mexico, and in blatant opposition to prevailing community values, Covington hosted the monthly ‘Libre Lengua’ poetry performance and open mic series for over two and a half years in Victoria,Texas. PW’s poetry and prose have been nominated for Pushcart and Best of the Net awards. He is a 100% service connected disabled veteran and a convicted felon.

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