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My America Deserves Equal Rights by Maid Corbic

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I have been living in America for many years.

Real and I write the most beautiful works possible

Because that’s what makes me happy if we’re always happy.

And the meaning of life is so good for me.

I don’t know what else to do now.

But as time goes by, we lie more and more.

I understand that the world doesn’t like prqvda

Because LGBT has become very bad today.

No one supports such minds and wishes.

And I just want justice for this world.

The meaning of life is to be loved and loved

Love should flow easily in our lives.

The steps of silence and the meaning of fasting

They have to be very special to us and to me.

I think America is a liberal country.

That everyone there has equal rights

And I just dream that one day it will be better.

Yes, I also have a good reason, because my America

He must know that LGBT is supported equally

Because the meaning of life is to love this world.

I am someone who respects all the teachings of the world.

And I don’t allow anyone to be sad in my environment.

Because it brings me to the stage of madness and knowledge

That I will never be accepted if I am gay!

BIO:  Maid Corbic from Tuzla, 22 years old. In his spare time, he writes poetry that has been praised on several occasions, as well as awarded. He also selflessly helps others around him, and is the moderator of the WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for unity and world peace in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the portal of the First Virtual Art Universe,

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