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Men on Planes by Shaun Perkins

We three enter the plane to find

Three men in our seats,

One who apparently wanted an aisle seat

Instead of the window one he was assigned,

The other two apparently unable

To read the number above their heads

And know their seats were the next row up.

They said, “Well we could move, I guess.”

Silence. “Or you could just take

Those seats.” My sister and I take the seats

Assigned to them. My other sister says,

“I want the aisle seat on my ticket,”

And the man makes a big production

Of moving his suitcases and settling in

The seat that was assigned to him

In the first place, and he says when she sits

Next to him, “There, now we’re all happy,”

And I would shoot him right between the eyes

If I had a gun and then I’d do my time.

BIO:  Shaun Perkins is the founder/director of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. A Teaching Artist with the Oklahoma Arts Council, she is a poet, columnist, podcast co-host of Wacky Poem Life and webmaster for a variety of nonprofits. More information can be found at

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