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in Peru there is

a desert of radio telescopes

receiving signals

from all the pacemakers

in America.

Heart rhythms

are gathered there.

Cardio gods

search tracings

in America.

They find

disordered pulses

crazy beats

broken rhythms

in America.

Code blue


“Clear!” say the gods

Send shock

to America

No shock,

we knew

said America

Bio: I am a playwright, poet, and psychologist at the University of Michigan. I have been writing op eds that predicted today since 2016. There was nothing “unimaginable.”

Redacted Relationship – Keith Hoerner

  Bio – Published over 200 times in 100+ literary journals / anthologies, Keith Hoerner is founding editor of the Webby Award recognized Dribble Drabble Review, as well as a

Cefn SIdan Beach

Cefn Sidan Beach – Alex Grehy

Cefn Sidan Beach The dunes curl and undulate like wet macaroni, a carnival of textures, mutable, moulded by weather, the sky painted by a moody artist, unable to decide between

Linda M Crate Author Photo

let me taste the light – linda m crate

let me taste the light let me disappear into the forest, let me hope again; as the creek water washes away every worry and the trees lend me their kindness


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