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Hallowed Be Thy Name by Kal Holder

The thing that squelches through veins
that oozes in muddy, viscous red on ruined
underwear ; a blossoming, they call it – oh,

what a crime it is

to be a woman.The thing, harbinger,
the sprouting of horns it lies, waiting, rib-caged and angry.
It sees, it knows, it longs to eat.

Wait your turn; you’re too hungry, too loud
The thing bristles, sheds demure skin
This thing has teeth and claws and a will

that will rattle the bones of weaker men
Evil, a devil, she’s a bitch who’s all bite.
But, not a demon. She is just – woman.

You’re in Fucking Portland by Aimee Hope

Zombie-people posed like mannequins in waxy flexibility; holding cardboard signs on corners of once-spirited, bustling streets that vibrated with life and movement. The ghosts of people who once frequented the

The Unwelcome by Glen Mitchell

There is an unwelcome stranger living here A thief You’ve been living here a long time You’ve stolen from me My heart My youth My spirit Stolen from me The

Nothing More by Dara Kalima

after “Ms. Found in a Bottle” a short story by Edgar Allan Poe Of my country and of my family I have little to say. They have little to say

America, The Beautiful? by Douglas G. Cala

Rampant inflation chokes the life out of purse strings and auras Conglomerated mass media infiltrates our psyches with images of celebrity, fashion and click-bait news Healthcare reform is stymied by


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