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Hallowed Be Thy Name by Kal Holder

The thing that squelches through veins
that oozes in muddy, viscous red on ruined
underwear ; a blossoming, they call it – oh,

what a crime it is

to be a woman.The thing, harbinger,
the sprouting of horns it lies, waiting, rib-caged and angry.
It sees, it knows, it longs to eat.

Wait your turn; you’re too hungry, too loud
The thing bristles, sheds demure skin
This thing has teeth and claws and a will

that will rattle the bones of weaker men
Evil, a devil, she’s a bitch who’s all bite.
But, not a demon. She is just – woman.

black and white photo of woman in black clothes with her back to the camera, wearing a white knit cap standing in the snow in front of trees

Feijoa Dreams by Ana Martinez

Things that didn’t stop the car bomb from going off near my grandmother’s house: A gentle childhood nestled with tucked-in nightly prayers and teddy bear kisses, framed by high ceiling

close up of woman wearing glasses with red listick and straight blond hair with a grey shirt

When Did I Know? by Maple Scoresby

As long as I can remember, every star that shot across the sky, every birthday candle I blew out, came with the silent wish that I would wake the next

crow in flight

The Crows Remember by Alex Grehy

My grandfather once shot a crow for the simple crime of stealing peas – he hung the body from the canes as a warning to the others. Already dressed in


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