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looking back at the past year brings up a lot of emotions. we’re a little anxious about the current pandemic. back in April, the early days of Covid and quarantinea prompted us to do a poem of the day feature. we were lucky to receive such amazing poems from all over.

quarantine continued in to summer. civil unrest and the lack of justice for Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and far too many others made us question how we could show our support. July 4th, a traditional day of freedom for our country, only served to highlight the lack of freedom and justice for so many. we opened our website andcstepped out of the way to make space for five days to the often underrepresented voices of our fellow poets. please read the MY America poems.

halloween gave us the opportunity to do something extra fun. audio haiku and cinquain were paired with spooky and creepy artwork. our own editor-in-chief even shared some art pieces. check out Hallowscream.

the second anthology “Love Notes You’ll Never Read” finally came to fruition after some technical difficulties. you can get your copy through our website, on amazon, and as a kindle book.

we were proud to nominate poets for both Best of the Net and the Pushcart Prize. we wish them the best of luck!

as december wrapped up we released “Rain Minnows [Notecards and Poems]” by Joshua Bridgwater Hamilton. the reviews have been stellar. there will be an online reading next year, so stay tuned for the announcement. get your copy on our website or amazon so you can get ready for the q&a after the reading.

we have a lot more exciting things planned for next year. we are currently open for submissionsfor 2 differentprojects. the first is “SHE: Seen. Heard. Engaged.’ this anthology will share the work of females and female-identifying youth age 8 to 18. spread the word to all the young writers and artists you know. secondly is our limited release Winter zine. this hand-bound edition will feature short poetry and art.

“Malepoet” by award winning Beat poet PW Covington will be out early 2021. Dr. Rebecah Hall is sharing “Meditations and Meditations.” Keriann Gilson’s debut book is planned for release in 2021. and there may be a graphic novel if we can squeeze it in.

what was your favorite part of the past year (besides it being over)? we love hearing from you. submit, drop us a line, send us a postcard. keep writing!


Goodnight, Taj Mahal by Andre Peltier

Deep below earth, clay and sand, deep below roots and aquifers, it lies in wait. Like that silent coyote stalking her white-tailed deer through the brush, it waits patiently and

contain by Megan Cartwright

verb past tense: contained; past participle: contained 1. have or hold (someone or something) within. Similar: hold carry To have and to hold in our own microcosm, constructed of hope.

Listening to Words by Mona Mehas

Listening to words out of touch cross lily pads, one to the next my rules, a tiny picture frame debt of honor, repay the gift. Headlights illuminate the path listening

Blooming by Elizabeth Gade

Some days are easy and some days are exhausting the days you have to dig through the muck inside take more hits than a heavyweight prize fighter cling to life

Pomegranate Rose by Laura Peña

I want to feed this delicacy To my concubine A tiny spoonful at a time I want to watch the luscious sorbet Linger on the tip of her tongue Melt


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