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Find us in the starry light by H.E. Grahame

Find us in the starry light
-a villanelle
Find us in the starry light
Spinning dolce lullaby
Waltzing in the inky night
A Mambo through black and white
Like fireworks in July
Find us in the starry light
Plies in golden spotlight
To symphonies in the sky
Waltzing in the inky night
A Pas de Deux in flight
Like a cosmic butterfly
Find us in the starry light
Pirouettes in black midnight
to an orchestra on high
Waltzing in the inky night
Spinning like a satellite
With this song of “you and I”
Find us in the starry light
Waltzing in the inky night


H.E. Grahame is a writer, poet with work included in The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Variety Pack, Call Me {Brackets}, Brave Voices, Turnpike Mag, 3 Moons, and SLCC Folio, and student at the University of Utah studying Writing and Rhetoric and Gender Studies. She works as a Writing Consultant/Tutor and Publications Coordinator for Salt Lake Community College. She enjoys cooking, travel, photography, music, and words.
IG: /h.e.grahame
FB: /hegrahme
Twitter: /hegrahame

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