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delusion (or the melodramatic expressionism of a faux neo-spartan coward) by j. alejandro

watch this last stand, I bravely step up

we march for this republic!

rise fiercely to those corrupted gates

witness my oppression, witness my grief

I confront tyranny in the face of death

how we have suffered, we the bastions will

mend our frail democracy!

close my eyes and the flag unwavering

grants me grace to lay my life down

with this well-armed and righteous militia

we stand down and stand by with honor

there is grand purpose here made manifest

logic and reason how mighty and buoyant

shall rise again above the olive envy of the marsh

this enemy of many names, once brother

shall bear the price of treason

and now in our holy moment

inside the chamber, inside the chamber

in these hallowed walls of once revered America

I beat the drum of this superior democracy

of which I am the apex, I will not be denied and my

echoed glory so loud, that I can’t hear my own words

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