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Cheshire Cat Smile by Alex Grehy

I smile so hard,
until all that is left
of my face is a
rictus of lips and teeth
while my body shrinks,
eroded by the din
of the party, too many people
bigging themselves up
until I, who cannot be
bothered with such
games, am ankle high,
apologetic for my
existence, while my
nice smile keeps
up appearances.

I sidle to the kitchen,
where the dog lies
in his soft bed,
waiting patiently
for a fuss.
I sit on the floor
and caress his ears,
a giant in his life,
and in mine.

Bio: Alex Grehy (she/her) is inspired by the natural world around her, her imagination making unique connections expressed in vivid prose and thought-provoking poetry. Her work has been featured worldwide by publishers including Gnashing Teeth, Red Penguin Collections and Short Edition.

Goodnight, Taj Mahal by Andre Peltier

Deep below earth, clay and sand, deep below roots and aquifers, it lies in wait. Like that silent coyote stalking her white-tailed deer through the brush, it waits patiently and

contain by Megan Cartwright

verb past tense: contained; past participle: contained 1. have or hold (someone or something) within. Similar: hold carry To have and to hold in our own microcosm, constructed of hope.

Listening to Words by Mona Mehas

Listening to words out of touch cross lily pads, one to the next my rules, a tiny picture frame debt of honor, repay the gift. Headlights illuminate the path listening

Blooming by Elizabeth Gade

Some days are easy and some days are exhausting the days you have to dig through the muck inside take more hits than a heavyweight prize fighter cling to life

Pomegranate Rose by Laura Peña

I want to feed this delicacy To my concubine A tiny spoonful at a time I want to watch the luscious sorbet Linger on the tip of her tongue Melt


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