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please, mr postman

we have a shiny new post office box. for those of you sussing out clues for our existence, you can find us at random intervals checking for a card or

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waiting room

always be reading. we are in the waiting room of the tire store hoping they take just a minute longer than promised. good words can do that: turn a chore

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into the great wide open

we have sent out 2 rounds of emails so far. the high quality of submissions received thus far is making our job all the more difficult, but quite enjoyable. this

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the waiting

Tom Petty knew what he was talking about. the waiting is the hardest part. please be patient as we are receiving so many quality submissions. we are narrowing down and

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statement of inclusion

We are committed to including underrepresented voices. We encourage anyone to submit regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ability, or national origin. 


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