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poem of the day 2022

James Roach Author Photo

Cost of Living – James Roach

Cost of Living I compose obituaries in my head for friends who can’t promise they’ll grow older. She is survived by her question mark spine, genes that never fit right,

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Nadine Klassen Author Photo

Kiwi Science – Nadine Klassen

2023 Best of the Net Finalist Bio – Nadine Klassen (she/her) is a German poet and author of the chapbook Bruises, Birthmarks & Other Calamities (Cathexis Northwest Press, 2021). Her work

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Dana Lyn Author Photo

star jelly – dana lyn

star jelly my gender is astral jelly; the nascent remains of a celestial body crash landed on earth, discovered and marveled at.   stella terrae in Latin, imbued with healing

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