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American Scene: ‘The Rain Follows the Plow’ April 14, 1935 by Melissa Boston

They often recalled those long periods
of rain during their morning prayers,
as if something mechanical could ever
yield anything tender. Inevitably,
what came from under those deep-
uprooted grasses, they were unprepared
for. When the Black Roller rose the dark,

consuming dust from the upturned
plains with its aberrant tendrils,
all the good works they had endured
for the plow was only that of suffering.
There is no need to ask where you are.

Sarah White Joins Gnashing Teeth Publishing

We here at Gnashing Teeth Publishing are so excited to announce our newest team member – Sarah White. She joins us as a Social Media Intern. She’ll be working hard

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Pushcart Prize Nominees for 2023

Gnashing Teeth Publishing is proud to submit the following poems for consideration of the Pushcart Prize. Each of these nominees had work published by us in 2023, whether online or

BOOK REVIEW: gossypiin by Ra Malika Imhotep

Roots, ancestors, bending limbs and time. Ra Malika Imhotep’s gossypiin is a harvest of the experiences and discussions of black women. The meaning of the title, like many of her

The Reflection by Nadia Nunez

What an obscurity energy there’s no serenity A smile is what you’ll never see All you’ll hear is “In memory” Not a single ring on the telephone All you see


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