Venom by Michelle Eccellente Stevenson

Michelle Eccellente Stevenson author photo

Standing in the checkout line, I waved hello, but I didn’t recognize you. Once amicable, previously approachable, you were not there.   Disturbed, but not surprised, I recalled hints of […]

St. Jerome’s Blues by Christian Garduno

It’s travelling to my heart and the diagnosis, it doesn’t look good It’s melting into my veins and the prognosis, it doesn’t look good I crawled my way to Saint […]

Emily’s Corset by Stephanie Saywell

Stephanie Saywell Headshot

Before ballet, Emily pulls off her shirt and all I see is white brocade, six metal busks – a dainty spine sealing up   her stomach, bulletproof. She presents her […]

Ammunition by Victoria Ruiz

Victoria Ruiz Headshot

It has taken two years to name the grain of weight unloading within a mile of our home- steadfast pistol unmistaken for the fourth of July. A night howl ricochet- […]