The Storm is Here by Kendra Nuttall

Waves of stupidity slam the shore, lost blobfish bouncing from the depths to blubber. A flash of lightning in Confederate red falls to thunder, blood rose blooming over her cradled […]

A Country’s Bones by David R. DiSarro

Watching the twang of America on T.V. nipping at the heel chords, the tendons, the porous ruins of a Country’s bones, the Coup the busts of Con- federates in the […]

Patriots by Emma Mooney

They wear war paint Of red, white and blue. Wave flags From a bloodied past. Shout battlecries That claim false truths. Spurred on by a man They idolise. A man […]

Feast of Fools by John Roche

Bare-chested, face-painted, KKK-tattooed,  Viking-horned, raccoon-hatted trespasser poses for photo in the Senate chamber standing behind the Vice President’s flag-draped dais with velvet curtains behind  and “E Pluribus Unum” on the […]