The Storm is Here by Kendra Nuttall

Waves of stupidity slam the shore, lost blobfish bouncing from the depths to blubber. A flash of lightning in Confederate red falls to thunder, blood rose blooming over her cradled […]

A Country’s Bones by David R. DiSarro

Watching the twang of America on T.V. nipping at the heel chords, the tendons, the porous ruins of a Country’s bones, the Coup the busts of Con- federates in the […]

Patriots by Emma Mooney

They wear war paint Of red, white and blue. Wave flags From a bloodied past. Shout battlecries That claim false truths. Spurred on by a man They idolise. A man […]

Feast of Fools by John Roche

Bare-chested, face-painted, KKK-tattooed,  Viking-horned, raccoon-hatted trespasser poses for photo in the Senate chamber standing behind the Vice President’s flag-draped dais with velvet curtains behind  and “E Pluribus Unum” on the […]

Epiphany by John Roche

After sundown safely back in their legislative chamber relieved to be resuming their speechifying the Senators rubbed their wounds, sipped their wine and orated through the night.    But afterwards, […]