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January 6, 2021

The Quiet of the Coup by Keith David Parsons

Most striking was not the confederate flag parading halls unbreached by force since 1812 the unironic scaling of walls by border wall fanciers to invade the people’s palace the smashing […]

Crybully by Mark A Fisher

you’re no patriot playing pretend dress-up in Chinese knock-off tacti-cool underroos wrapped up in your monuments and tombs where you pray for a history that never was throwing yourself into […]

The Show Has Got To Stop By SuperNova

The Lady has fallen When it comes to bullets The target has never been white They are ghosts Coming and going wherever they like As if they are exempt Of […]

In America by Hank Greenspan

in Peru there is a desert of radio telescopes receiving signals from all the pacemakers in America. Heart rhythms are gathered there. Cardio gods search tracings in America. They find […]


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