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January 6, 2021

Like Me by Noora Mahbuba

That taste of condemnation, the one where I do not know what encompasses wrong, that embitters the tongue like salted rust; corrosive and darkened against pale lies. Snow-white, that which […]

by Poetry Slay

They stormed the building, but no one stopped them, bent on the lies their leader keeps on feeding them, as they reeked with determination to overturn the results. No one […]

For America by Amy Lee

Oh, for what is a true patriot anyway? Ye who is too hateful to concede defeat, too thuggish to deserve democracy too blind to the sufferings too busy gerrymandering too […]

Riot Poem by Jayson Escalante

Riveting riots. Riveting rage. Let’s fight for our FREE- and Not for our DOOM! By Jayson Escalante @JaysonDangerous

What Brought This On by Susan Kay Anderson

This day. This president counting on disruption going too far wild a polite term for what is a simple obvious crime against taxpayers against wage slaves our oppression so obvious […]


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