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July 2020

Rio Born by Roberto A Lopez

I am,of that immigrant swashwhich washed forthonto the shore,born ofthe Big River. Not quite the lore and roarof the Mississippi,but the hushed and thick brownand mesquité green,the wily horned-toad andthorny […]

My America is Your America by April Cox

Your America is the land of the free and the brave,The best nation on earth.My America is the land of hatred,the land of racism, and sexism and status quo.Your America […]

MODERN NAIVETE by Christian Garduno

I was so naive even six months ago I look back + I want to slap myself across the face I thought I was really beginning to understand and this […]

A California Dream by Adrian Slonaker

Caressed by a bucket seat in a cascade blue ’63 Mercury Monterey convertible, I crave the comfort of my companion’s hand while sharing the salty tenderness of those In-N-Out fries […]

America’s Unconstitutional Grill by Bob McNeil

Near the counter, One seat away from a guy named Uncle Sam, I sat in America’s Unconstitutional Grill, Notorious for its discrimination special. Recollections took my psyche traveling Throughout gripped […]


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