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March 2020

A Kiss for Judas by Joe Russo

A Kiss for Judas The diner was unusually empty,    For that Saturday night,    But we were unusually up at 2    In the morning because you,    And […]

Hunger Pangs by Julia Wendell

Hunger Pangs   The live oak stamped on an opaque winter sky, its branch web intricate as kirigami. The chalky sky remains unaltered, unattended: taut, blank, no rain in sight, […]

seduction by Christopher Soden

seduction i cannot stop thinking about you lost as usual in a tango of growls and bites and swallowing whatever spills from our sketchy history grief and sweet gobbledygook if […]

Skull Traffic by Jeff Burt

Skull Traffic   You, street-walking talking innuendo Street-sweeping sleeping bagged non-influential existence tangible anguished languishing despair constructing wooden vowels hammering consonantal nails straitjacket stuff, clinical, Prozacian,, lithium whacked out depression […]

Swan by Agnieszka Filipek

Swan I rub out the sun with an eraserglue stars onto the skycut out the moon from a National Geographic I arrange lampson empty streetslighting one at your favourite bench Fallen leavesrustle […]


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