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A Dangerous Heaven creates personal and political conversations that resound through both the sacred and the secular worlds. In this keenly contemplative collection, naming and other language acts, and words–mistaken or intended–become the vehicles by which Jo Angela Edwins’ vivid figures build and rebuild stories of community and history, spirit and self. 

Finally: The Mixtape is a special release CD with microchapbook. Asela Lee Kemper reads from her collection of poetry which explores grief and identity with an homage to the musical pop culture to which Kemper escapes.From homages to Prince & BTS to the narratives of Asian American Identity, this collection cultivates a poetic playlist of lyrical confrontation packed with existential interrogation and the inter-generational journey, navigating through one’s own roots. 

In Moonlight and Monsters  the poems move between wonder and fairy-tale, earth and sky, fire and things that go bump in the night. Scharhag has given birth to wondrous monsters and dances with fearful delight in the moonlight. These poems entrance and wrap you up. Open the pages and enter a world of Lauren’s creation. You will want to stay awhile.  

forthcoming books

Luke Wortley

Shared Blood

Shared Blood centers on the author’s fascination with and ultimate estrangement from his own father as he becomes a father himself. It navigates this space through surreal renderings of lived experience, fabulist narrative, and sometimes litanies of pure language. The author’s concerns with this book include fatherhood but also the idea of manhood in relation to being a parent, the generational effects of these forces, and the desire to overcome these forces in sometimes baffling ways. Ultimately, the reader will be led to question the use of the word “Dad,” especially if their relationship with their father is complicated.
Juan Manuel Pérez

La Santa Madre Tamalera

Don't let her age fool you. La Santa Madre Tamalera is cooking up trouble. This graphic novel is actually a 666 line sonnet that is anything but ordinary.

Enjoy an interactive experience like no other. Christian Garduno’s Twin Opposites features 18 previously published and 18 new pieces, along with a host of extras. This is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer. 

As you explore his poetry and art, you can click to discover more content. This melding of poetry, art, and music will be available for a limited time. 

You’ll want to bookmark the page and keep coming back to explore Twin Opposites.

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We are committed to including underrepresented voices. We encourage anyone to submit regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ability, or national origin. 

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