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“The Angel Gabriel brought me a message,but forgot it the second he saw his first cat video,” begins the tumultuous relationship between an angel and a human that is at the core of (Text) Messages from The Angel Gabriel. The novel in verse presents each stage of the relationship, from initial visitation to inevitable conclusion.

The poems of Excavator explore the landscapes of daily life with a poetic scrutiny that breaks the predetermined valuation of home, work, family, and travel as structures of consumer capitalist values.  In so doing, these poems create a more unique and profound connection between the individual and their reality.

In this raucous collection, transformations occur within a germinating bar, a heart conjoined with a radio, a river that once was a foot, and a carnival at the edge of town.   Lyrical, vibrant, and unexpected in all the right ways, Anybody Home suggests that home is both dear and departed.

forthcoming books

jo reyes-boitel

the impracticality of silk

In the impracticality of silk, jo reyes-boitel examines the world through its impact on gender, sexuality, relationships, and art. In all of it, desire – both within sensuality and as a source of liberation. jo remakes themselves in this work, “to self-destruct and take everything with me // which requires a plan.”
Yrk Max Valentonis

Short Stories Without Provocation

A collection of quaint and quirky speculative fictions, Y.M. Valentonis' Short Stories Without Provocation are experimental narratives from the beginnings of history to today's coffe blog post. These cozy-horror, bizarro-folklore, and slipstream tales have a Southern Acid Gothic flare. The eight sections are thematic patchwork storiy composites expanding upon each other. Like all folktales, motifs and themes recur: cooking, music, and work. Once the reader gets used to the surrealistic world, they are brought back to reality by a child coming to understand divorce, a woman realizing her abusive work relation, or the final confrontation with a childhood bully.

Enjoy an interactive experience like no other. Christian Garduno’s Twin Opposites features 18 previously published and 18 new pieces, along with a host of extras. This is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer. 

As you explore his poetry and art, you can click to discover more content. This melding of poetry, art, and music will be available for a limited time. 

You’ll want to bookmark the page and keep coming back to explore Twin Opposites.

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We are committed to including underrepresented voices. We encourage anyone to submit regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ability, or national origin. 

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