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Where It Will probes the struggle for acceptance in an individual’s history, the tension and disconnection with his gay partner and friends at pivotal times and one’s place in the family, coupled with the loss connected to the past.

This chapbook was written in response to the (unpublished) full manuscript, Catastrophic States of Water. The latter investigates the collapse of identity and memory in geographical and temporal distance. the catastrophe of after furthers this investigation as it interacts with the eccentricities, loss and wildness of pregnancy and new life.


Trash Poems is a collection of poems written over the course of a year. The poems were penned in the moment on gum wrappers, napkins, and even a leaf. They are collected here and transcribed as-is. No editing, no fixing spelling or grammar. Just raw poems. Will they start a revolution? Find out.
forthcoming books

Lisa McAllister

Before & After: Poems of Love & Grief

McAllister confronts the loss of her first-born son from overdose. These poems, written over the course of his lifetime and after his untimely death, weave in and out of the past, flow into a bleak present and hint at a much different future than she ever imagined. A mother’s infinite love interspersed with anguish and heartache, this book is a life-cycle of grief.
Rebbecca Brown

Anybody Home

In this raucous collection, transformations occur within a germinating bar, a heart conjoined with a radio, a river that once was a foot, and a carnival at the edge of town. Lyrical, vibrant, and unexpected in all the right ways, Anybody Home suggests that home is both dear and departed.

Enjoy an interactive experience like no other. Christian Garduno’s Twin Opposites features 18 previously published and 18 new pieces, along with a host of extras. This is best viewed on a desktop/laptop computer. 

As you explore his poetry and art, you can click to discover more content. This melding of poetry, art, and music will be available for a limited time. 

You’ll want to bookmark the page and keep coming back to explore Twin Opposites.

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We are committed to including underrepresented voices. We encourage anyone to submit regardless of age, race, color, ancestry, religion, sexual orientation, citizenship status, ability, or national origin. 

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